Please Extend PNG Airdrop for those who had problems claiming on the 9th of march

I’ve spent a full day learning how to claim this airdrop like many others. I followed all the steps & when I finally hit the claim button it says claiming not allowed. it was still the 9th in my timezone. I hope a airdrop extension can be put in place for those who where so close to claiming.

I do not agree. Rules cannot be bent

Wrong. Show me where the time for the deadline was provided.

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How much was it worth anyways? Who are all these community members arguing for a deadline? Where was this discussion?

Shutting the airdrop down appears to have been a bad decision.

You guys are like the existing homeowners in california who don’t want any more houses or higher density apartments to be built in their neighborhoods.

You’ve made the mistake of governing for the people you already have participating instead of for the people who would have been more likely to participate had you had a more inclusive airdrop that followed the precedents of existing airdrops which either do not end or required no action on the part of the wallet holder.

Look at how well $uni has done?

What were existing $png holders afraid of?

Where was this community outcry against an open ended airdrop?

Will keep searching the forum i guess.

For anyone trying to understand the png airdrop situation:

Has the discussion. In short, in the white paper of the png exchange 1 month was specified.

So the people who invested with that in mind were angry that the airdrop would be extended.