Perspective from a Retail investor

(Don’t know if proposal discussion is the right place but didn’t want to put in uncategorized)

Just a brainstorm on why I migrated my liquidity to Traderjoe and how Pangloin can win me back.
I think getting the perspective of a noob/retail investor like myself can’t hurt.

1) As a retail investor I only care about

1 current price / potential price
2 Team
3 Progress
4 community

Right know I think Traderjoe has an edge on all the mentioned points, hence why I moved my liquidity

2) How to win me back ?

  1. Give the Team a lot more freedom. Only use Governance to hold team members accountable by being able to vote them out (that would give me the illusion of control which is enough for me). I never voted (except on hiring the core team). Right know I find voting really annoying and view it as a hindrance/reason why Pangloin had hardly any progress in the last 5 months

  2. When predefined targets are reached (like cex listing, new features, partnerships) team is eligible for a yearly bonus (Would give me the illusion that team is is more motivated and works even harder)

  3. As soon as I hear strong/diversified treasury, that pays sustainable dividends to token Holders (can be in the form of buybacks) I practically throw my money at it. Another buzzword that makes me fomo is agressive spending to hire the best people or to grow the protocoll.

  4. Unique marketing. I do not give a f*** about 100$ giveaways. Even if I bothered to participate and won I would sell it immediatley without wanting to learn more about the protocoll. However unorthodox marketing (Lambo give away, community owned pangloin you can view via live stream) would catch my interest alot more than the standard approach to marketing.

  5. Alot more community “events”. I am in a few Telegram groups that have voicechat open 24/7 with an admin, there is a lot of hype/hodl mentallity in there which actually made me not sell after big dumps even though I wanted to. Live streams where you talk about interesting topics in crypto etc

The post Is highly subjective but remember I am a retail investor I invest based on emotions. Don’t know if this is helpful but I think there are alot more people like myself in crypto

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Hey Noob_investor,

Discourse flagged your post as it looks as if you copy and pasted your text. So I had to manually approve it.

All good points you raise. I’ll just respond to a few of your concerns

  1. Current price/ potential price. So we’re not allowed talking about price performance from a legal standpoint. However I’d encourage you to look through Joe tokenomics versus Pangolin. So their entire supply will be distributed after 30 months, also 20% goes to the Team. So there’s a few economic characteristics where I’d clearly say Pangolin’s tokenomics are more sustainable. However delving too deep into that, might come across as me being overly critical, which I certainly don’t want to do.

  2. Team - I’m not sure you could motivate this team, more than they already are. While it would be nice to receive bonuses, we also have to be careful that those bonuses aren’t gamed. I mean if I got a bonus for every CEX listing, I could easily make myself very rich, but just listing on a CEX doesn’t always provide benefits to Pangolin. For example, I’ve had discussions with over 10 CEX’s, but some of them won’t provide volume or any other benefit to Pangolin.

  3. Progress - Alot of the stuff we’ve been doing in the background isn’t visible by the broader community, however I’d argue we’ve made fantastic progress in such a short time. In terms of a strong/diversified treasury, we’ve actually just engaged a Wharton MBA graduate to write up a report with recommendations on the best approach to this. So this will be coming soon. Then in terms of hiring, while a lot of people are comfortable working for a protocol, there are a lot of people that need more stability for their family. We have to provide the foundations for that. Things like providing medical, a safe work environment, a compliant pay check so they can apply for mortgages. All of this stuff takes time, but is progressing in the background.

  4. Community - This is a key one and it’s why I’ve personally been talking to GitCoin and other DAO’s to discuss and find ways for our community to be more involved and take an active role in our future.

I don’t want to discuss Trader Joe too extensively and compare where I believe we are doing better, as it’s very easy for that to come across as crass and unprofessional.

I’d urge you to reach out to the team though with comments like these. We’re always open to listening and improving.


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When you say “community owned pangolin you can view via live stream,” do you mean an actual pangolin? Is this an idea being floated/discussed? I kind of love it.

This is a rad idea…live stream of a pangolin. Pay a zoo to install a camera!!!

Great post. I believe there is a need for a constructive feedback discussion between investors and the team. I won’t say anything more, the probability, I’ll say something regrettable is high. Nothing PNG related. Integrity is everything, if you fuck up identify the issue. Don’t cover it up. Realy appreciate Connor’s podcasts. I have never had an issue with the PNG dex. Strong relationship count. I don’t see this happening, I think it could be beneficial!


Can we make this happen? Private zoom, whatever.