Peaceful handover of airdropped 1.5 million PNG coins from UNI whales to Pangolin Community!

On telegram channel every single day we are discussing about threat by UNI whales who hold 1.5 million PNGs. Everyone knows that free distributed PNGs has hurt PNG holders who entered from 10+ USD levels.

I suggest to organize a big group of Pangolin lovers (500-1000 people) who can volunteer to buy 1.5 mln coins from Uni whales who apparently does not have any interest in supporting Pangolin growth and development.

There are two ways that can be done:

Once we organize group of volunteers either we have to wait for Uni whales to sell the coins or someone has to find way to contact with these guys to negotiate.

Would like to hear from community leaders how realistic it is to be done?


@jafarov_ali , this can be done … but please be aware in a group of ca. 1000 people, everyone still needs to contribute ca. 3000 usd… is this realistic ?

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I’d join for that offer. I think it’s better to hold PNG by system supporters.

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why not? I think we can find 500-1000 people who can invest 3-5k USD more


We need to promote this idea in telegram group and find supporters/

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Yes very realistic… I will buy 40K

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great, lets go for it then … i am also on the board :ok_hand:

I am on board as well 100%

I hold uniswap but i will love the chance to continue to buy Pangolin as a big supporter of the Avalanche Ecosystem


I don’t get it. How are you going to buy from anonymous uniswap holders?

Well, some of them already sold all of their PNGs which caused significant drop in price. Community expects that others will do the same (it is 4-5 of them who hold significant positions). Once wee see that they are selling off we have to mobilize community to buy. There should be organized group in Telegram which can fight back against whales who keeps dumping PNG price.

So basically the plan is to massively buy on the swap contract when the price drops due to a big dump?

When someone unloads huge amounts of pngs people can see it in explorer. That moment organized group of small fishes should take action and buy back the amount of png sold.