Pangolin UX Designer

Hello Pangolin Community

I am Abdullah Bayraklılar. And I would like to propose myself for the position of UX Designer

Let me tell you a little bit about myself; I’ve been in product development game for almost 10 years. And the last 5 years I mainly focused on the design side. I learned UX through Interaction Design Foundation, which is one of the most prominent schools on the subject. I also have background in sociology which helps me communicate with users better and read through user data.

I base my design culture on Roman architect Vitruvius’ three principle; Firmitas, Utilitas, and Venustas. Which translates to; Strength, Utility, and Beauty. And I design everything thinking about these 3 principles. With Pangolin I would do my best to design a tool that is easy-to-use(especially for newcomers), and data driven.

My Involvement in Avalanche DeFi

I heard about Avalanche back in December. I invested some at first, then started to gain some familiarity with the project. After a month i began to fall in love with the project. In April I started to get involved with the ecosystem. You may have been seeing me in the Yield Yak group saying “soon”. But I also help out with Sherpa, Avme and Crypt projects.

As both a designer and a user I was frustrated and excited with dexes on the market. And I already have a long list of fixes.

Why Does Pangolin Need a Full Time Designer?

It is true that outsourcing the design would be a lot easier and faster for us. But design is not all about visuals. A great experience requires experimentation and iteration. To provide a better experience for users you always need to be designing and experimenting with different parts of the interface. That’s why we need to be designing continuously and consistently. And a full time designer would provide a great service in this regard.

Goals as a Pangolin UX Designer

User Experience: I want to bring in a more experience oriented design to pangolin. This includes A/B testing, heatmaps and so much more scientifically proven ways of design. And I always aim to design a product that revolves around the users’ needs.

Onboarding: We definitely need a better onboarding experience for new users. Both to Pangolin and the Avalanche DeFi ecosystem. One of my first goals is to design an experience so that any user with any background on tech and crypto would be able to buy, sell and hold Crypto through Pangolin.

Accesibility : One of the commonly forgotten parts of the design is accessibility. I would try my best to utilize an approach to design that always considers the less fortunate. And I believe that onboarding the users with accessibility difficulties through pangolin can help us reach a market that most of the dexes and cexes are not aimed to capture.

Data Oriented: In my short time communicating with the team I saw that Pangolin already has a team that is widely data oriented. I will try and work my hardest to keep this approach in interface design too. And I will keep myself accounted on this front to design everything I can with scientific results.

To sum up, as an experienced UX Designer and as a passionate fan of the Pangolin project I believe I would be an important asset.


I have worked with Abdullah and he is professional, communicative, and has an eye for design. Definitely support this proposal :+1:


This is a really critical position. One of Pangolin’s key competitive advantages moving forward will be our ability to bring DeFi to the masses. The way we do that is by building beautiful, intuitive user interfaces that are easy to navigate.

I’ve worked with Abdullah and he is professional, quick to respond, his design work is great and I believe he’ll be a fantastic addition to the team.

We have mountains of design work and as Pangolin is a community project, I don’t want to out source design to third parties. We have talent in our community and we should be looking internally to fill these positions as a community DEX.


Good initiative… As Leo and Haris considers your approach and capability suitable for the project, I would wish you all the best Abdullah. This is an important role really, please visit many dexes and observe their goods and the bads, as well as using your abilities to reach the best designs.


If I were the CEO of Pangolin I’d sign Abdullah right away :wink:
He is a cool and very talented fella and I definitely support this proposal of his to join the Pangolin Team. :100:


I really wish hariseldon2 and the other members of the core team had the power to make such employments. If you are good enough for them I have no further comments and hope you will be voted in. All the best.


I strongly believe that Abdullah is a great addition to the Pangolin team. He is currently advising the AVME project in our Design side of the next update. His opinions are great in building something perfect for the end-user.


Abdullah has been a great contributor and community member for Yield Yak, he has helped with many constructive feedback to improve the platform.

He will be an amazing addition to the Pangolin team.


Inspiring words, I cannot wait to see your contributions. :nerd_face:


I have not worked with Abdullah on a professional level, but one thing I can vouch for is his commitment to the Avalanche community. He is so passionate about this community and deserves to demonstrate his skill where applicable, so Shiitake would love to see him working on the Pangolin UX and see where it takes Pangolin, Avalanche, the community and of course Abdullah.

One love.



This would really help to distinguish Pangolin from other Uniswap clones. Can you share some of your works?


As a UX designer its hard to share a portfolio. But you can find some of my UI work in here and my linkedin here.


Looks great to me. Loving the product is great motivator to producing your best work.

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Hi Pangolin community ! :v:
What about the new UX Design of Pangolin ?
It’s possible to share the progression of new UX ?
Maybe do question to community to help choice and other.

Also, with the actual situation of avalanche DeFi market, i think we do increase significantly the investment for the new UI.
I think is really strategic point of development for Pangolin uses.

What is the actuel budget for new UI? How many people and company work on that?

:point_right: I think we need increase the investment right now and use BIG money for UX design. :point_left:

We have not the choice, we need the best and quickly, we have not more time if we want be the DEX leader on pangolin.
The market will not accept an uniswap improved.

Good day to you Pangolin community and to the moon !:rocket:


We actually had a call just this morning to go through the latest progress. It looks really great. I’ll share some screen shots in the next day or so

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Cant wait :slight_smile: to see some photos

This is an interesting area. I would like to have a conversation regarding user behavior. I have a background in psychological science. I have conducted a decent amount of research on addiction and gambling behavior. I am particularly interested in the emotional drivers that increase the probability of user engagement/investment. There are a few additional variables to consider.

I would like to hear others’ thoughts? A zoom session would be cool.


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I think we can put some innovative system of points for each transaction made by user using pangolin(caped per day to filter bots).
then give the user the ability to mint unique honorary NFT for each X amount of points.
who knows maybe we can develope some kind of Game based on those NFTs