Pangolin Stake & Avax stake

I wanted to share again, I don’t want to make LP in order not to lose my avax as a result of the loss of value of another coin and not to convert my avax to another coin.Pangolin and AVAX must have individual pools Like Pancake

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Then stake AVAX on the Avalanche Wallet ?..

The whole point of giving PNG is to incentivise providing LP. I don’t see why AVAX or PNG would need to have their own pool…I don’t think that would add anything to PNG…

I agree with you. We really need staking of PNG. Why? Many people dont want go to LP, but can buy PNG and hold it on pool for staking. For PNG is this good, because holding PNG for longer time. If APY will good, users will stake PNG more a more. Really every successful project has staking.