Pangolin Roadmap

Product update

I’ve been meaning to write this for awhile to keep the community up to date with our progress and I’d like to start writing monthly updates to keep our development workflow transparent.
The first stage will be updating everyone on the last product roadmap and where we’re at with that:

CEX listings — We have now registered our legal entity and are waiting for US securities advice. We’re also finalising the contract with our market maker. So we’re hoping at the end of September, you’ll be able to purchase PNG on two new CEX’s, potentially four.

Staking — We devoted a lot of time helping out with the AB bridge migration which put this on the back burner, single sided staking should be live in the next week or so.

UX redesign — We have Abdullah starting full time on the 1st of September and also another part time UX designer joining the team. This will greatly increase our ability to improve our UX

Governance — Currently after a successful vote, you need to wait 7 days for the vote to take effect. We will be adding a vote to change this to 2 days in the upcoming days

Now onto the fun stuff

First let’s talk about our key goals for Pangolin:

  • Enable broader DeFi adoption
  • Build financial products that are simple and more elegant to use
  • Prepare for an ever changing, more complex regulatory landscape

In that regard we have broken down our product development into the following key streams

  • Analytics
  • DEX
  • Mobile
  • Safety
  • Derivatives
  • Fun stuff on the side


Our analytics page will start seeing some love over the coming weeks. We’ll start showing a lot more information about tokens, as well as implement advanced charting such as the below

We’ll also start adding Impermanent Loss and PNG rewards to a new Real Rate of Return metric, so users can transparently understand how much returns they are receiving.

We’ll also look into some basic exporting of wallet transactions for people that need to submit figures to their accountants.


We will be building out a Wyre Offramp. The Wyre offramp relies on the X Chain, so we will need to get users to enter their X Chain address, before being able to offramp into their bank account.


We see mobile as a key strategic play for broader DeFi adoption. We don’t want to say too much here, but work has started.


We have engaged with Halborn as our auditor. They will start on the 4th October. So based on a few things, their engagement may affect how we can deliver the next set of features…


We actually have four distinct derivative products we are working on. Some of these weren’t possible until Benqi showed up. One relies on a Chainlink feed that’s not currently on Avalanche.

So we’re working on them concurrently. I don’t want to release too much information or state timelines, as with software, we’re never quite sure whether bugs occur. However I can state that probably 3 will be on Mainnet before our auditors start and we may release a beta version for people to try before getting official sign off from Halborn. Let’s see how we go…

Fun stuff on the side

One of the great joys of being in DeFi is being able to build fun cool stuff, so while we’re very focused on the core product, we are also working on a lot of other things in the background.

We have been talking to Gitcoin about bringing Gitcoin onto Avalanche and we are progressing nicely there. This will allow Pangolin the potential to sponsor a Gitcoin round.

We are also very interested in establishing long term ties with the Terra community and to do that we’d like to build an IBC compatible blockchain. Work in this has started and will allow us to start exploring subnets. The current thinking is that we’ll refactor Starport to then create an IBC compatible blockchain as an Avalanche blockchain


Super impressive roadmap!

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Everything looks amazing!!
What I’m more excited about is the fiat off ramps and kindly say goodbye to cexes

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This roadmap is pure fire

:fire: :fire: :fire::fire_engine: :firecracker: :man_firefighter:

What CEX’s were we looking at for listing?

BitMart and Kucoin and then a few more after that

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Great news, hope to see these happening one by one…

Excited for the future ! $PNG TO THE MOON :small_red_triangle:


Nice update and looking forward to the progress being made.

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Excellent roadmap, this is a solid project with a greaat team.

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Hey everyone,

Just thought I’d give everyone an update on where we’re at with the roadmap to try keep things as transparent as possible:

  • TradingView is working on our test site. We should be deploying to our Analytics site in the next day or so
  • Wyre offramp has some weird complexities, so we’re looking to see if there’s an easier way to do this for our users
  • Mobile is coming along nicely. We’ll start open sourcing the current progress pretty soon
  • Derivatives - this is being held up a wee bit by the lawyers. Offering derivatives is causing us some regulatory pressure, so we may need to delay or rethink our strategy here

Please let me know if you need any further feedback