Pangolin Rewards to PNG:SNOB (Snowball)

Proposal to move to the next step for allocating Pangolin Rewards to PNG:SNOB (Snowball)

The Pangolin Community voted overwhelmingly on a snapshot sentiment poll from April6-13th to add PNG/Snowball to the pool of pairs receiving rewards.

As a native Avalanche project it was an honor to be recognized.

To execute this proposal, it is necessary for us to have 1 Million Pangolin delegated to us, so we can execute a formal proposal.

The Snowball Community Multisig

can serve this purpose.

I hope that we can get an interface to make delegation easy, but until then you can visit the explorer for the Pangolin token and just add the multisig address to Delegate: Png (0x60781C2586D68229fde47564546784ab3fACA982) - Avalanche Explorer

This would be only the second native Avalanche pair to receive governance rewards on Pangolin after AVAX-PNG.

SNOB was the second native Avalanche token after PNG to achieve a liquidity over $5mn on Pangolin.

Please don’t wait. Lets get this done ASAP!


I am in support of this.


Let’s get this done!


It’s about time we do this. Other flagship DEXes on other chains support and promote all kinds of native projects to increase the value of the ecosystem. Here we have been slow but hopefully we can pick up the pace. Let’s get this done. We are stronger together! And would love to see support for more native projects.


Hi Connor,

Thanks for all you have done.

Great work!!

Should this be the priority right now? Is that your suggestion?

In your previous comments, you said we need votes for using some treasury funds for hiring devs and Binance.

Are we doing this later?

The community is under the impression that you would propose these two votes after the first one.

Is this incorrect?

Were you just doing the first one, and we now handle the rest on our own?

I’d like to know your thoughts on these matters.

Again, thanks for all you do!:muscle::muscle::muscle:

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This has been formally submitted and voting will start tonight in ~9 hours!


Voting has passed! Changes will be executed after 7 day timelock window

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