Pangolin Public Relations Manager

Hello Pangofam,

I’m Özge. I’ve been part of Pangolin community since the beginning and currently I held the role of Public Relations Manager. I’d like to inform you about my contributions and share my background.

Professional Background

I’ve studied International Relations in Middle East Technical University. I have worked for some tech companies like Intel and Apple. Meanwhile, I got my MBA degree.

Working in these tech companies, getting my MBA degree, living abroad for some time brought me diverse skills for marketing, business and customer support. I can effectively communicate at many levels and with different cultures.

Experience in Blockchain & DeFi

I’ve been an active member of Avalanche community for over a year by providing support for community in official Avalanche Turkey channel, Sherpa, and Pangolin. I supported Avalanche projects for their community growth.

I got my blockchain training in Boğaziçi University-BUYEM. I recently got selected for two special programs in Europe, called “DLT Talent”, which is a program created to empower women in blockchain space by supporting their development, and “DeFi Talent”, that focuses on empowering talent in DeFi field, organized by Frankfurt School Blockchain Center.

I’m also a member of Istanbul Blockchain Women Association.

Responsibilities at Pangolin

Title is just a name and not a limit to what we can accomplish on our roles here at Pangolin. So, as Public Relations Manager I support Pangolin in several different areas. Currently, I manage our social media accounts & presence for Turkey, support our global business development&marketing efforts and do community support. I communicate with projects across Avalanche and on other chains for developing business. You can actively see me on our channels.


It’s an exciting journey to see the developments happening at Pangolin, with the support of our community. I look forward to contributing more at Pangolin.

Feel free to reach out to me via Telegram or Twitter.


Been working with Özge for a while. I can attest her actions within pangolin and communication with other team members.

She is the right person for the job and definitely support her claim.