Pangolin ping .something needs to be done to help the price

seems ping is struggling ,when is something going to be done to stop the price dropping ,seems we seriously need to burn more ,a lot of people held tight and were loyal only to see there investments dwindle

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Hi buddy
Many things are being done to make Pangolin great, check out the awesome roadmap and read some of the medium articles about all of the upcoming new stuff.

Hi I am a mini whale who bought it at ATH but nonetheless I like the reinvigoration of the new team, if I were to try to buy $100,000 worth of PNG from the team at market rate, do you think I can get a 10-15% discount? Both address can be monitored by the community and I am happy to submit ID for KYC

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Finally, I know $100,000 is not a lot from a grand scheme of things but it’s my personal stash and show of support

Fine by mine we need as many buyers and hodlers as possible

Hi StreetGuy. Not sure if that is possible but I will bring this to the attention of our Head of Business Development, Firat.

Hi StreetGuy, thank you for your interest in investing USD 100k in PNG. Unfortunately, the minimum size of OTC deals we’re interested in is USD 500k, and we provide discounts only when the tokens are locked for a certain period of time. You can reach me from telegram if you prefer: @f139a

Hi Eitsky and Firat, happy to chat more, locked period is acceptable.

PNG keeps devaluating even when the market turns green. 90% loss in 3-4 months needs an urgent act like increasing stake APR, burning tokens or making PR on possible upcoming projects.

I believe that this issue is more serious than making bargain in public.

Anything planed by the dev team?

Any suggestions from participants?

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