Pangolin (Pholidota) Conservation

A question to all of you:

If you have a choice…
Option 1) You support PNG knowing that a x% of profit is directly donated to the pangolin conservation


Option 2) You support PNG knowing that absolutely nothing is donated to the pangolin conservation

Which option would you choose? Why?

According to our knowledge at WeFuture Global, we know by now that if you use an animal species (especially flagship species) as icon for your company, it can enhance the success of your business models.

People, in this case customers, investors or supporters in general, get a positive association with flagship species (well known popular animal species) and feel even better by knowing that they do good with their investment. Just a fact. Would you not feel good by doing good?

I quote:

‘‘Flagship species have tended to focus on the strategic goals and the socio-economic nature of the concept, to support the marketing of a conservation effort. The species need to be popular, to work as symbols or icons, and to stimulate people to provide money or support.’’

Pangolins are popular and considered vulnerable/endangered worldwide so you guys picked a fantastic flagship species to use as an icon. A very important one also. However I think it would be even more powerful if you become ambassadors of pangolins, and therefore we all become ambassadors!

Maybe it is worth a chat to Paul Thompson from Save Pangolins for example and see were a collaboration might fit??

Good luck with the process of this super exciting project guys!!


If you are interested in sustainable strategies along your journey, please let us know! We can see how we can help out with our services from the Netherlands to guide you towards a more sustainable future!