Pangolin NFT for lucky LPs

The devs should mint a handful of rare and cool pangolin NFTs and distribute them to a random LP every n blocks. It would be fun and incentivize liquidity provisioning.

For example, every 50,000 blocks there could be 1 NFT minted and given to a random LP. The NFT would have a 90% chance of being plain, 9% chance of being a holographic NFT, and 1% chance of being a foil NFT (like CSGO stickers).

Obviously the details could be adjusted, but I think it would be a really cool “golden ticket” kind of thing. What do you think?


sounds good and its an easy way to give Incentive to provide Liquidity on Pangolin.


I think that’s a good idea but we need to pay someone that’s very good with Blender and create some high-quality 3D NFTs, for example a 3D Pangolin toy, this is an example that I found on rarible to give you an idea.

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I like the idea, go for it