Pangolin Head of Business Development

Hello Pangolin Community,

I am Firat Akkan and I joined Pangolin earlier this week as Head of Business Development. I am thrilled to be a part of Pangolin’s exciting journey, and I would like to introduce myself to the community.

Professional Background

I started my professional career as a corporate lawyer at a top tier law firm in Turkey. I wanted to get closer to the action, so first I obtained a MSc. in Financial Economics degree in Istanbul, then attended Yale School of Management to get my MBA. During my time there, I did MBA internships with a German Venture Capital fund where I evaluated deals across the start-up world as well as with a UAE based private equity fund. After business school I worked at traditional finance in the US and Germany, where I was primarily tasked with business development and deal execution.

Experience in DeFi

Following the DeFi summer of 2020, I took three courses at INSEAD’s Blockchain Revolution Specialization program to attain the skillset necessary to add value to the crypto world. I am currently attending the “DeFi Talents” program, an 18-week mentoring program empowering talent for leadership in the decentralized finance space organized by Frankfurt School of Finance & Management’s Blockchain Center.

International Background

Living in Turkey, France, Vietnam, the US, and Germany have given me an ability to connect and communicate with a diverse range of people. Considering the high popularity of Pangolin in these countries, my international background will be valuable for business development at Pangolin.

Responsibilities at Pangolin

As Head of Business Development, I will be working on building new relationships and improving the existing ones in the crypto space. I will also be focusing on accelerating CEX listing efforts.


The skills I have gained across law, finance and business development combined with my MBA and DeFi knowledge will enable me to add value to Pangolin, and I am very excited for the upcoming milestones at Pangolin.


Welcome to the team mate. Great to have you on board!

with my limited interaction with Firat he seem like the right person for the job. Excited to be working together.