Pangolin Front End Developer

Hello Pangolin Community,

I am Sarju Hansaliya. I would like to propose myself for the position of Front End Developer and share a bit about my qualifications.


I have been in software development since 7 years. I have worked with many technologies till now. I started with objective c, then moved to angular and then I settled on React, React Native, NodeJS since 5 years now. I have started working in 9-5 job in my early career and then after 3 years I switched to full time freelancing as an Independent contractor. So for 4 years I have worked with many clients and delivering many products successfully. Also, I have led multiple teams during this time span and mentor many developers in React / React Native framework. In the past, I have worked with Justin (@hariseldon2 ) in a very long-term project called Kudoo. I have been “Top Rated Plus” in upwork since 2 years now.

Experience in blockchain space

  • Recently I have worked on to develop verifiable credential system on stellar blockchain. Initially it has been installed in LAX Airport to verify COVID-19 Tests cryptographically to prevent any fraud by passengers. Just recently it caught first forgery.

Goals & Vision as a Front End Developer

  • Improving/Writing codebase to make it more readable and clean
  • always be ready to solve challenging problems
  • review future pull requests on frontend side and make product better at the end of the day

You can find me here in Github and Linkedin.

Here are some of the webapps and mobile apps I have worked on or I was part of.


Mobile Apps

Summing up

I am a self taught developer and a fast learner who can adapt to any product in no time. I am very good team player and always ready to help anyone. When I heard about Pangolin from Justin (Hari Seldon), it has been always my dream to help and contribute to the community.

As Paulo Coelho said,
When you want something really bad, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.


Sarju is a fantastic developer and his work ethic has always left a deep impression on me.

His code is clean and he maintains very high standards in terms of code quality and best practises.

Sarju joining the team around about the same time as Abdullah joins, means we can really hit the ground running with the new UI/UX overhaul. It also allows us to leverage his deep experience building web and mobile apps to start building really innovative applications.

This is a very exciting addition for me and will enable us to iterate much faster and deliver new features at a much higher velocity.


Thank you @hariseldon2.

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For UI/UX overhaul someone dedicated to front end is a life saver. I definitely supporting the idea of a front end developer need.

And when it comes to Sarju, Justins words enough for me.

Really excited for you to come over :slight_smile:


Welcome Sarju and thank you for laying out your Vita and Examples of your work. Looking forward to your production and help making Pangolin awesome and easy to use!