Pangolin Engineering Intern Programme

We are looking to rapidly scale Pangolin and build out the DeFi ecosystem within Avalanche.

If you Google “How many Solidity programmers are there in the world”, you’ll be greeted by this alarming estimate:

We can then look at this survey to try understand a bit more of the landscape we’re faced with.

What becomes blindingly obvious is that there aren’t enough Solidity developers to go around. This is a common problem that all DeFi protocols face.

Some less obvious problems start to appear if you look a bit further into the future. Any decent Solidity developer can form their own project and (at least in a bull market) far outperform any salary we could offer them at Pangolin.

This brings us to a very important quote from Richard Branson
"Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

This is key to our strategy and aligns perfectly with a community DEX.

It’s inline with this that we will be creating a Pangolin Engineering Intern Programme. This programme has a few design goals:

  • Interns should be fairly financially remunerated for their work
  • In such a fast changing landscape such as DeFi, the only way to learn is by doing
  • Interns can transition to working at Pangolin after the internship, they can create their own DeFi protocols or they can do both. We just want you to be involved, we’re not going to restrict your creative outputs

It’s hard to determine the fair market value of an intern programme, but currently I’m leaning towards $15 USD an hour. I’d love feedback from the community though whether they think that’s a fair amount.

We have drafted up a Google Form for anyone whose interested here:

Please share this to as many developers as you know as if there’s one thing I can guarantee, is that if you’re looking for work, I’ll definitely be able to find some for you!!!

Looking forward to meeting our first batch of interns :slight_smile:


no complaints on that proposal. Don’t know if feasible but what about adding an apprenticeship program geared towards complete beginners. Can only speak from personal experience but something like this can work really well. Usually most beginners who want to do something new don’t really know where to start and as a result they become overwhelmed. In my early twenties I wanted to make a living playing online poker. After many failed attempts I found a guy who offered an apprenticeship kind of deal. He gave his students study resources and did weekly live streams where people could ask questions etc. In exchange he was entitled to 1% of future winnings. Because of that I became fairly good and made a decent living for a couple of years. Long story short I am certain that 99% of my success can be attributed to that apprenticeship.

In Pangloin’s case maybe hiring a teacher? Someone responsible for guiding interested newcomers.

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payments in usd/hr or png/hr?

200k is really small amount of devs, and I think this number is very optimistic, many of the projects in the crypto world is copy-pasta which requires you to know solidity, but in a support level, not in an integral development level.

The industry is growing and the shortage of capable workforce will slow it down for sure, I fully support the initiative :clap::clap::clap:

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So I’ll answer a few questions here and go into a bit more detail about how we’ll run the intern programme

There was a question about hiring a teacher. I’ll be running two courses a week. This is to ensure we have coverage on all timezones after an overwhelmingly positive response.

So the current thoughts are I’ll run 2 hour sessions (I’m in Brisbane):

All the interns that have submitted the Google Form will be added to an email list and also be added to an exclusive Discord Channel for Interns. This Discord channel will have the Pangolin Core team and allow the interns to ask questions and get guidance from the core team in furthering their journey.

All Interns are expected to attend the Training Sessions. For these training sessions you’ll receive the $15 per hour paid in PNG (we convert on the day of payment). Then as part of the initial sessions, I’ll get to know all of the interns. Based upon the experience of all attendees you’ll be assigned homework which will then be paid work.

So the first session will be a session for me to get to know all the students, then based on where they’re at, I’ll assign them work to be completed by the next week.

Some of the project’s we’ll be building as part of the intern programme will be:

  • Bringing Gitcoin decentralized grants to Avalanche
  • Bringing Moloch to Avalanche
  • A Discord bot to manage our community and pay contributors in PNG
  • An Intern social token that will allow gated access to experts and teachers within the ecosystem

I’ll keep the form open until next week Monday (Australia time) and then from there will start sending out emails to all applications.

If anyone has any other projects, they’d like the interns working on, please let me know?


Hey everyone,

I’m going to close any new applications for the Intern programme today. Over 40 people responded, which was a lot more than I anticipated.

I will be emailing everyone who applied with the next steps.