Pangolin Emoji - Unicode Proposal

The creation of a Pangolin emoji would be an invaluable interpersonal communication tool to support a wide range of environmental, education, business, computer science and entertainment purposes across society.

Submissions for new emojis were suspended by the Unicode Consortium due to COVID but will reopen in April 2021.

To be successful, the submission would need:

  • Project and financial management

  • Marketing and business development

  • Academic expert opinion across environmental science, education, the humanities and technology

  • Graphic design

  • Data analysis and internet trend analysis

  • Support from technology business leaders

  • Public relations to generate public support and momentum for the submission and demonstrate its value to society

The full details of what is required for a submission are below:

I propose funding to be provided in three tranches:

  • Project Initiation for scoping, feasibility and resourcing

  • Planning and execution to prepare the submission and supporting artefacts such as Internet trend analysis and artwork

  • Delivery of the submission and any additional presentation to support it’s acceptance by the Unicode Consortium


would love to see this happening!

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