Pangolin Core Developer - bmino

Hello Pangolins,

I would like to propose myself as a Pangolin Core Developer and share a bit about my qualifications, goals, and vision for Pangolin Exchange.

Professional Background

I have been developing in a professional capacity for a decade with degrees in both computer science and finance. I work for a top 10 consulting firm doing software delivery by day while wearing multiple hats. I have also moonlighted for a wide variety of groups that have caught my interest from retailers looking to optimize their purchasing orders to sororities looking to gain a recruiting advantage by algorithmically matching their most compatible sisters to each rush candidate.

Experience in Avalanche DeFi

I have been an active contributor to three projects on Avalanche since migrating over from Ethereum. I have written some custom solutions for Snowball including:

  • Custom on-chain governance solution that accommodates quadratic voting and allows voting with sPGL as it continues to earn rewards
  • NodeJS harvesting bot which is responsible for regularly harvesting all snowglobes and notifying the discord channel with notifications

After investigating the contracts and mechanisms of Pangolin, I naturally began to provide technical support hanging around the discord channel. Pangolin is so cool as a community owned dex and I wanted to help! I have been involved with Pangolin as a community developer since submitting PRs whenever there was an opportunity:

  • Dynamically pulling the airdrop status so no users would try to claim after the airdrop ended
  • Assisted Snowball in navigating the governance process to add an incentivized pool
  • Created a quick fix to restore the voting UI after the underlying mechanic for fetching events broke halfway through proposal 2
  • Worked with Hari to get it deployed to a community dev-owned domain
  • Shortly after, got to the root of the voting issue and delivered a proper solution alongside Connor

What might be lesser known is the upcoming project, Sherpa Cash. I am a founding member on this project and am working on implementing:

  • zkSNARKs to provide optional anonymity for transactions
  • A never before seen UI that isn’t just another Uniswap fork :raised_hands:

Goals as a Core Developer

  • Pangolin needs a clear pathway for prospective developers to test the waters and get involved. I have been in multiple conversations with technical and non-technical users on discord who want to contribute but don’t know how to start. This requires tutorials, delivery standards, devops, testing, bounties, code reviews, etc. which I believe will strengthen that feeling of ownership from the community. Pretty important for a community owned dex imo
  • One item I am particularly passionate about is improving the governance experience to better involve the broader community. I will be walking individuals through the existing process, creating resources and tutorials, and working to utilize PGL so that you can flex the full might of your PNG to vote without dumping your LP
  • Another item is something I don’t know if I can mention, but it will involve solving one of the most common onboarding issues for new users to the Avalanche network

Vision for Pangolin

I want to see Pangolin as the beating heart of the Avalanche DeFi ecosystem where it pumps life into new projects launching and innovating on the best network out there. It has a central role currently with initial backing from strong players in the space, flowing liquidity, and the first mover advantage, but a strong heart needs to be beating. We need to get moving. I would like to submit myself as a core developer to make this happen!

You can find some of my public works on my github and you can typically find me in the Pangolin discord server!

I am bmino, and I approved this message


I have worked closely with bmino for several months now on the Snowball and Sherpa Cash projects. He is a brilliant engineer and I have seen him build impressive tools such as: custom governance smart contracts with quadratic voting, a reward harvesting bot, various front end features and updates, queries for historic blockchain data. He can do it all.

Bmino is also intimately familiar with the inner workings of the Pangolin front-end and the smart contracts that power the exchange. He is our go-to technical resource for anything related to swaps, pools, and PNG rewards.

Not only does he have the technical expertise to exceed at the role of Core Developer, he is also extremely helpful and professional when engaging with users and team mates. I see Bmino in the Pangolin Discord daily helping both users with questions about how to use the application, as well as provide technical guidance for developers looking for answers.

The benefit of adding Bmino to as a Core Developer is that he can hit the ground running to implement the technical solutions that Pangolin needs to execute on its roadmap. And he is already doing a lot of this behind the scenes without an official role. I fully endorse Bmino in this role and look forward to working with him to deliver our vision.


I make this short. If best_coder_na vouches for you I will vote for you


I have been following you both since the start of Pangolin and it was pretty clear that you people should be heavily involved with further development. You have my blessings!


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