Pangolin Conservation

Hey everyone,

I know this has been raised by a fair few people. I’ve been speaking to Alex Wilson from the Giving Block and they’re happy helping us if we’d like to use our platform to allow donations.

Would we be happy if we donated to Pangolin Crisis Fund?

If we get some traction on this proposal, I’ll put a snapshot together and see how much demand there is for it in the community.


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For me is a no, we are not yet in the status of success to help others, first we should help our own project, lets focus all resources in Devs, marketing, Cex integration, etc.

Once we have enough progress in primordial topics we can start to help this kind of initiatives.

But will respect anything decided by the community


I agree with ZoRoMX. Though I do think it’s a good idea for the future. Right now I think we need to focus on the sustainability of the project, then we can move on to social projects such as this one.

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It is the responsibility of humanity to show more responsibility to other living things. Since we are responsible for people and harm these animals, we should bundle as Pangolin, as a whole community and do something agains! Pangolin is able to give you amazing profits and at the same time a donation for good purposes. The Pangolin does not take them away from you! On the contrary, it will give you Karma, go back to the story to Sokrates or Aristoteles and read on, you will understand. If the animal Pangolin would be able to demand royalties, then today we would have to pay license fee [pay for the use of the name] - so we could argue economically. :cowboy_hat_face:

It is a great idea but I have to agree that we need to focus our priorities first.


I share your opinion. From a psychological point of view, it would have rather negative effects at the moment.

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There is a saying that “save your own ass before saving others” :slight_smile: We have to get a lot of things done and fix problems to survive in the long term. We are not in a position to do any kind of charity. You have thousands of community members invested Pango when it was 15-16. Once Pango become top 3 platform and Pango price exceed 16 then we can start thinking of charity.

BIG NO to this proposal.



I also agree with Zoromx. I think we shold do that but not yet.


Cool, hearing everyone. I think it’s clear, we focus on getting our house in order and then look at this.

Thanks for the constructive feedback!