Pangolin Community Manager

Both, the written document and the face-to-face conversation are important.

The document and the video can be stored centrally and then accessed by anyone if necessary.

The question is, what do the other community members think?

A survey like the one hariseldon2 did would certainly be the most efficient. Its AMA is at 8 pm UTC today.

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Additional information requested by a community member on Telegram:

-Job Title
Community Manager for Pangolin Exchange

-List of specific responsibilities
User engagement on telegram, discord, twitter, and various mediums.
Project engagement with projects building on Avalanche, forming partnerships and gathering feedback
Implementing a support process for user issues, questions, general help, international communities
Procure content and graphics for updates, releases, product documentation
Grow the community through outreach into other projects and networks

-Proof you qualify for position
My professional work history has a track record of building quality teams and communities, as well as delivering excellent products.
My DeFi experience has helped grow Snowball into one of the largest projects and strongest communities on the Avalanche network (Snowball). I also formed Sherpa Cash with Hari and have organically grown that community to a respectable size.

-List of goals
See main post above.

-Short term roadmap you are responsible for
From the V1.1 Roadmap

I will be involved in conversations for all initiatives since as the community manager its my job to stay informed, inform the community, and provide support for new features. Specific initiatives that I will be more active in are 1) Rewarding avalanche native projects 2) Pangolin Academy 3) Avax faucet

From the roadmap specific to my position, I will be building out more robust support processes that ensures coverage across time-zones and multiple languages. I want to also reinvigorate the social media and marketing aspect of Pangolin to reach a wider audience.

-Metrics used for measuring progress
Metrics that are important to me are 1) User growth and retention 2) Community engagement and sentiment 3) TVL growth

-Frequency of reports to community
I plan to engage with the community actively throughout the day on Telegram, Discord, and other forms of social media.
For more formal reports, I will announce major updates and news across the mediums that Pangolin users are on. I will also report progress on the roadmap as the team makes progress.

-Strategy for communication with community
I think it’s important to both be at the ground level with users in Telegram and Discord, as these are the heart and soul of a healthy DeFi community. I also want to post frequently on higher level communication tools such as Twitter and Reddit. DMs are always welcome too.

-Expected Compensation
Still discussing with the core team what is fair and makes sense. Will post an update as soon as part is figured out.

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Thanks for putting yourself forwards @Leo_Pangolin
Can I ask why do you pick Comminity Manager over Developer?
I am not suggesting Community Manager is the wrong job, I’m just interested to know why :smiley:

I think while Brand, Graphics & Visuals should have input from the Community Manager, we can afford a separate Designer and Marketing Manager.

Hey that is a good question.

I would like to be community manager over developer for the following reasons:

  1. Impact - my impact to Pangolin is much greater as a community manager than as a developer. I excel at creating relationships and partnerships, as well as engaging with communities.
  2. Preference - I enjoy the community manager role more than the developer role
  3. Need - Pangolin needs both a community manager and developers. There are some great developers already, such as Bmino, that we will add to the core team.

I truly appreciate your efforts as I found you very helpful for any information

@Leo_Pangolin appreciate your help.

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Fully support you Leo. Would you ever use your coding skills to support the devs if the need called for it? We need a team established soon so I’ll be voting yes.

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Yeah definitely! My technical background helps me troubleshoot issues for both users and developers. Also could help with any tasks needed that I have time for. As a small team, we all need to wear a lot of hats :slight_smile: