Pangolin Community Manager

Hello Pangolin Community,

I would like to propose myself for the position of Pangolin Community Manager and share a bit about my qualifications, goals, and vision for Pangolin Exchange.

Professional Background

I have worked in software development for 10 years. I was an Engineering Manager for two of these years. Prior to my software career, I worked in technical support and studied Business and Information systems.

I believe my background gives me a strong mix of technical, business, leadership, and customer service skills. I know what it means to deliver quality software to thousands of users, and provide the highest level of support. I can effectively communicate at many levels, across various mediums, and with many different types of people. I am able to foster and grow strong teams and communities.

Experience in Avalanche DeFi

I have worked in Avalanche DeFi for several months. First with the Snowball project as a front-end developer, and more recently with Sherpa Cash as its community manager and front-end developer. I have first hand insight into what it means to build a new DeFi project from the ground up in the Avalanche landscape, and know the struggles and issues that developers and users face. I know how to reach out to projects directly to form relationships and partnerships.

I am actively involved in many other DeFi communities, and speak with developers and users from other projects on a regular basis (Pangolin, Penguin, Yield Yak, Olive,, Snowflake Market, PandaSwap, Spore, Gondola, etc.). I have recently taken over the role of curating the “This Week In Avalanche” newsletter. As such, I am very in tune with the needs of the users and projects across the DeFi landscape. I have even crossed chains into Binance Smart Chain to give support to Beefy users in their Discord channel when they started auto-compounding Snowball’s pools. And also have crossed into the Ethereum chain to reach out the Tornado Cash and Pickle Finance communities.

With my extensive involvement in Avalanche DeFi, and with the trust that I have built with users and projects within the existing communities, I believe that I am well positioned to represent Pangolin Exchange as its community manager. I try to go the extra mile to ensure that all questions get answered, and that all users feel involved in the community. I also advocate for the best interests of project teams and developers.

Current involvement with Pangolin Exchange

I am active throughout the day in both the Pangolin Discord server and Telegram channel: answering user questions, providing technical support, and posting news updates. I created and moderate the /r/PangolinExchange subreddit. I also suggested we create international language channels in the Pangolin Discord, which has now been added.

I am very familiar with the Pangolin Governance process. For Snowball’s Pangolin proposal, we needed to collect 1M delegated PNG votes, write code to execute the changes, and troubleshoot and fix the voting UI when it had issues. I was involved in this process from end to end which gave me tremendous insight and experience with Pangolin’s governance structure.

Furthermore, I have worked closely with a few of the Pangolin community developers, so I am familiar with that aspect of the Pangolin community as well

Goals as Community Manager

  • User engagement - Keep users active, engaged, and informed through social media and other mediums
  • Project and Developer engagement - I would like to keep other projects and developers engaged with Pangolin frequently and able to provide feedback and suggestions
  • Cross-community communication - establish lines of communication for new and existing projects to interact with Pangolin
  • Governance Participation - Increase participation in the governance forums, snapshot proposals, and formal proposals
  • International Communities - Add more ways for international language speakers to communicate and ask questions
  • Support Coverage - Add processes to ensure that Pangolin has support coverage across all time zones
  • Brand - Ensure that Pangolin establishes a brand as a reliable, safe, and innovative DEX
  • Graphics & Visuals - visual graphics are very powerful in crypto and DeFi. I would like to find ways to increase the creation and usage of these

Vision for Pangolin Exchange

I see Pangolin Exchange as the central hub that powers Avalanche DeFi. I would like Pangolin Exchange to focus on the following areas in its next phase of evolution:

  1. Support DeFi projects that are building on Avalanche with marketing and liquidity
  2. Attract and retain users with robust features and a strong community
  3. Cultivate talented contributors to add value to Pangolin Exchange
  4. Increase integration and partnerships with other DeFi projects
  5. Find more utility for the PNG token

Stance on anonymity

I came to Avalanche under the pseudonym Best_Coder_NA. I am completely okay with using my real identity if it will increase trust from the community.

International Background

I have a multi-cultural background. I have lived and worked in the US most of my life and am a native English speaker. I am also fluent in Mandarin Chinese with roots in Asia. This background helps me relate to users and people across many time zones and geographies. I could leverage my language skills and background to help expand our community into Chinese speaking and other asian language communities.


A strong community is the heart of a successful DeFi project. I believe that with my background, experience, and vision - I can help direct and build the Pangolin community to where it needs to be. Happy to answer any questions below, or schedule chats with anyone who would like to talk.

My telegram handle is @BestCoderNA if you want to contact me directly. Thank you!


I support this! He has been a critical part in the development of DeFi’s on AVAX and should be declared community manager!


Pangolin doesn’t really want someone this awesome and critical as a Community Manager does it? I mean, with all the value he brings, this should be an instant no right? :lying_face:


I wholeheartedly support. Best Coder would be amazing in this role. He has been an undeniable asset to Snowball and would serve Pangolin unlike any other.


I fully agree with @abominablesasquatch , @Leo_Pangolin has shown his commitment to Avax Ecosystem and very good coordination skills. His skills will be probably completely under-used as community manager only.

Best_Coder should be in charge of set the direction, path to move forward, biz dev and integrations, basically take over the general management of pangolin and build an army of people below him to help on deliver the best for the ecosystem. He should be the 0xMaki of Pangolin while Haris takes over the product side of things.

He has been the first one getting the hands dirty and getting in talks with most Avax projects, can’t think on a best person to take Pangolin thru the next milestones needed to convert Pangolin into the real facilitator and integrator of every project in the ecosystem.


Best Coder played a key role in building out the Snowball community and liaising among the different Snowball teams and users from the day he joined the project. He can communicate equally well with developers and non-developers alike, a much sought-after asset in the software industry. I wholeheartedly support the proposal to bring that talent to Pangolin and look forward to seeing him in the new role.


Thank you for your support!

Thanks for the support! It has been great chatting with the Yield Yak team and getting their feedback and perspectives. Appreciate all you are doing for the Avalanche ecosystem.

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it’s really great to see such participation,ı believe pangolin is still birth phase and we have a long way , we should focus on revolutionary ideas that are not in other defi’s projects. we can achieve this together, so let’s build.

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I know him from the telegram group of snowball. He was one of the best admins I have ever seen. I believe that the communication skills he has can add too much value to Avax ecosystem. Also, he has good knowledge of the DeFi ecosystem in Avalanche. I fully support this proposal as a community member from the beginning of the Pangolin journey and looking forward to seeing him as a Community Manager in Pangolin.


Great profile and much needed. Wholeheartedly support this.

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I fully support this proposal. I’m not only on Telegram but also on Discord and @Leo_Pangolin is gold for the Avalanche DeFi ecosystem. Pangolin really needs a guy like him and the position as Community Manager fits a skilled guy like him perfectly.


Will slam dunk vote for you. At this point I don’t even care if you stay anonymous. You have proved yourself over and over again imho.

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I think Best_coder_NA is the best fit candidate for community manager. Best_coder_NA will be an important team player for the entire Avalanche ecosystem with the role at Pangolin


I support too, we believe the project, we should all stand behind it.

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İt all reads great, your mindset also sounds good. Are you going to do an AMA (Ask me Anything) on ​​YouTube too? The community should already know who the people behind the Nicks, are. That is also the price (getting out of anonymity) for getting these great tasks and roles…

We have candidates who describe their ideas, vision, goals etc. for the position they have defined. It is important that we also know this from companies and Pangolin is also a company that defines the tasks and requirements for the job. The position can be given many names, the tasks, responsibilities, and authorizations are decisive, this has to be clear so that there is no misunderstanding later. It is also important so that there are no misunderstandings in the division of tasks. This is also important for the subsequent evaluation of the performance.

See also links below as a supplement.

general consideration

Roles, Responsibilities, Authorities

Hey I would love to do an AMA. Do you prefer written format or video call?

As for defining tasks and requirements for the job, I agree that it is important to be transparent about responsibilities and authorizations. I can describe my role and responsibilities at a high level at this point: community building, creating partnerships, establishing network effects, building support processes, establishing our brand, etc. I also think it is important as an early core contributor to have the flexibility to wear many hats, and also to do what is necessary to add value to Pangolin without being boxed into a rigid title.

Appreciate the links that you provided! I think they ask great questions, and we as the Pangolin community should try to find the right balance between establishing formal structure without compromising the speed at which we can build and innovate.

Let me know if you have any more specific questions about this, happy to answer.


I think the role of the community manager is a very important position in community-driven DEX. I hope that you will be able to contribute to the development of pangolin by demonstrating your abilities.

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I am very glad to see this. Best Coder would be amazing in this role.

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I can’t support this enough! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Best_Coder_NA for a few weeks on various projects. This dude can do it all! He’s on discord, telegram, twitter, reddit, heck we joke that he’s even running a myspace page for some extra engagement.

I have no doubt he has the skillset for engaging effectively and actively across multiple platforms. He also has the ear of so many other communities already as he has been integral with creating partnerships and outreach. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “yeah I was chatting with ____ on telegram and am thinking about ___”. That is exactly the community engagement Pangolin (and Avalanche) needs and I know nobody better to bring it than @Leo_Pangolin!