Pangolin "AVAX-based Defi Accelerator" LP Pool

There was a previous proposal to reward PNG/SNOB pools with PNG rewards, however I do feel this may not be inclusive to the overall AVAX Defi ecosystem from growing fairly and equitably.

I would instead like to propose for a small portion of PNG rewards (between 3 or 5%) as an "AVAX Defi Accelerator) LP distributed across AVAX-based Defi platforms to uplift demand and awareness of those tokens (think of it like a central pool inclusive of PNG/SNOB, PNG/ZERO, PNG/COMPLUS, etc.)

Distribution of the determined rewards bucket could be proportionally distributed across the LP sizes of those tokens. (ie. if PNG-SNOB takes up 50% ‘share’ of AVAX defi platforms, and the rewards bucket is 5%, then half (2.5%) PNG is awarded to the LP pool)

Governance can dictate which exchanges can be added or removed into the pool. Platforms like SUSHI (which is established) may not need to be a part of this pool and therefore can be voted to be opted out. Governance can also dictate what size rewards is awarded to this accelerator pool.

The intent behind this is to help support, create awareness and exposure to other AVAX-based defi platforms which are trustworthy, honest, and innovative in their approach.

Proposal link: Snapshot

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Hey I agree with the approach of supporting AVAX DeFi. I am a bit confused about the examples of ZERO and COMPLUS. Aren’t these direct competitors of Pangolin, so it would not be the best interest of Pangolin as a business to reward their tokens?