On chain proposal

Hey everyone,

When I first applied for community project manager, I had absolutely no idea it would get the response it did. Most of it’s been really rewarding and positive however certain members of our community were disappointed with how the process came across.

I think it’s very important that these dialogues continue to occur and ultimately I believe it allows us as a community to improve and to grow.

As part of our current Governance process, the first step is to submit a proposal to Snapshot. I’ve done that and have gotten the requisite votes for me to then move forward and provide an on chain proposal.

When I started thinking about the practicalities of what the on chain proposal entailed, it started getting complicated pretty fast. How was I to be paid? How would I be able to reward the community contributors for all their hard work? Did I need to get a Snapshot vote and then write a piece of code anytime the Pangolin treasury had to pay for anything? This presented a few major roadblocks:

  • If everything had to go through on chain governance, Pangolin would move at a glacial pace and not get anything done.
  • If I was the only person on the core team, I’d very quickly drown under the weight of all the work that needed to be done.

I then engaged in some very thoughtful conversations with as many members of the community as I could find that were willing to talk to me.

This is what came out of those discussions:

On chain proposal

The proposal is to transfer 2 million PNG (roughly 10%) from the community treasury to a multisig wallet. This multisig will then be tasked with paying salaries for the core team, as well as paying for any bounties that will be issued to perform key functionality to support the day to day running of Pangolin. This Treasury will also be used to fund any CEX listings.


This is a group of community members that will be responsible for overseeing and agreeing on decisions that are in the best interest of Pangolin in its day to day operations. The members are at the mercy of governance proposals from the greater community to be added or removed. Financial decisions involving more than 10,000 PNG should require directly engaging with the broader community via a snapshot vote, or equivalent interaction. Bounties that are lower than 10,000 PNG will be trusted to the multisig to make the best decisions on behalf of the community.

The multisig that has currently been proposed is a 5of 8multisig, with the following proposed members.

  1. Justin Trollip (Hari Seldon) — Pangolin
  2. Xavier — Pangolin Telegram
  3. Seq
  4. Omer Demirel
  5. Mark — Avalaunch
  6. Benny — Pangolin
  7. Brandon /Bmino— Pangolin
  8. Sabo — Pangolin Discord moderator

Please note This list is not set in stone and I’d like to open up comments on the members to the broader community. Please be civil in your discussions? But we’d like to hear from the broader community if we can improve upon this list. Also I know everyone is going to ask about Connor. I have spoken to Connor and for him to be impartial, and avoid conflicts of interests, it seems prudent for him not to be on the multisig. I’m disappointed by this, but please can we respect the decision.

Core team of contributors

I know there have been concerns from some members of the community. However I’d ask that you give us time to prove we are capable for the position. What I think a lot of people sometimes forget is that all of us are giving up very safe jobs to embark on an incredibly risky journey. Let our actions be the proof and if after a few months we are floundering, then by all means shout as loud as possible. For now, I ask you give us an opportunity to prove ourselves.

V1.1 Roadmap

If this proposal passes, we will be building what we call version 1.1. These are features that we believe are critical to keep us competitive while allowing us to design version 2 in the background.

Please note: This are just our immediate concern, there are much more exciting developments coming in version 2.

  • Create a Snapshot strategy that will allow Pangolin holders to use their PGL in the voting process
  • Bridge — We will facilitate and fund a community bridge. We have already started engaging the community to gauge interest in who would like to become a relayer. Pangolin will fund relayers for hosting the bridge for a year. The bridge will then serve the following EVM chains. BSC, Matic, xDAI, Huobi and then expand into Substrate chains later (Polkadot and Kusama)
  • Avax faucet — We will build a faucet that provides enough AVAX for anyone that would like to try out Avalanche. This faucet can be used by newcomers into the Avalanche ecosystem that will allow them to pay for gas.
  • Staking — We will implement a staking feature. The details will need to be voted on.
  • Pangolin Academy — We will launch a Pangolin Academy which will be used to encourage community participation and a pathway for people to contribute to the Avalanche ecosystem.
  • Bounties — Numerous bounties will be launched to help with tasks such as translations, marketing, legal, UX/UI work and assorted other tasks
  • On ramp to launch partners to provide liquidity pairs onto any DEX on Avalanche. This piece of functionality will allow any launch partner, Avalaunch, TrustSwap, to allow a percentage of the sale proceeds, to be directly listed on any DEX within the ecosystem and also generate the code to be included in PNG rewards.
  • Reward Avalanche native projects . Reach out to Avalanche DeFi projects to get PNG rewards instead rewarding PNG to lesser used tokens in the Avalanche ecosystem.
  • CEX integration . We will open discussions with Gate.io, Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, Crypto.com, Gemini, Huobi, Okex and potentially others.

I know this post is going to get alot of eyes on it. I love how passionate this community is, but can I please ask that we be respectful and kind to each other in our interactions?

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!


Sounds great! Especially the planned roadmap - I see lots of things that are going to be useful for the Avalanche ecosystem inside there :smiley: . Looking forward to seeing you guys working together with spearhead goals!


In Germany, the first balance is drawn for tasks after 100 days. You have to be granted that too.

The world belongs to the brave, but note that you can move faster on your own but much further as a team.

I wish you and the community all the best on the way.


I like this. You have my full support!! Let’s get this to a vote NOW


Team champions league :smile: look forward to innovations,Good luck.


I am looking forward to working with the Pangolin core team and advisors, along with the Pangolin community, to execute on our road map and take Pangolin to new heights. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well done @hariseldon2 - your proposal represents an enormous step forward for Pangolin. Ignore the noise and stick to your plan.

Your estimated budget is actually quite modest and reasonable when we consider the fees that the Treasury can earn in the future. Most VCs would dream of that type of run-rate. It’s pretty lean.

If I could make one suggestion in relation to off-chain governance of the multi-sig: there still doesn’t appear to be a Mission Statement or Code of Conduct for Pangolin.

I’d hate to see every single payment becoming subject to debate online and gumming up the works so I completely agree that you need to have flexibility to respond to market conditions, performace issues and your expansion strategy. Having a Code of Conduct could help protect that flexibility while providing clarity regarding the core values expected from the multi-signatories and anyone else formally engaged by Pangolin.


Very good. Thanks Justin


Hari, I very appreciate your contributions to the Pangolin. Thanks to you, we are competing with Avax in proposal/ps. :facepunch::star_struck:


Also want to give a huge shoutout to @hariseldon2 for working night and day to put together this proposal, gather multi-sig members, build a core team, work on the road map, figure out the on-chain proposal, gather PNG delegation, and inform the community. Truly a super-human effort and I’d rather have no other person as the Project Manager of Pangolin.


Thank you Pablo.

I love the suggestion of a Mission Statement/Code of Conduct. I normally default to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

Do you think it’s worthwhile to have a bounty to draft up a more Pangolin centric one?

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One other thing I failed to include in this proposal, was the suggestion I’ve received from multiple parties to have @Leo_Pangolin on the multisig. What does everyone think?

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I don’t see any obvious issue here at all, I actually like it so far. I’ll vote for this, including BestCoderNa in the multisig.


Though I am a student with just a little PNG, I absolutely believe in your team. You guys deserve to get stable rewards.I really love the AVAX ecosystem and will buy more $PNG after my graduation. Hope you can make bigger success.


If everything had to go through on chain governance, Pangolin would move at a glacial pace and not get anything done.

This is one of the things I was concerned about.

The timeline in the cryptocurrency world is dizzying, and other great projects are evolving very quickly.

Of course, doing things faster is not necessarily the only way to go, but now that competing projects have an advantage over pangolins, relying on chain governance for everything and taking more time than necessary to grow the project and provide a better service will stifle innovation.

From the beginning, there was a lot of discussion on rewards and token prices in the governance forum, with few suggestions for future development and growth of the project, and since the passage of the on-chain governance for rewards improvement proposal, there has been a clear decline in the forum’s activity, so I would like to thank Hari Seldon for taking a leadership role and coming up with various suggestions.


Fully supportive of this proposal to achieve the right balance of governance, engagement and velocity. It will not be perfect but is needed. My expectation is there’s agility to get things done, flex in the approach, and transparent governance.

My assumption is that there’s a need to bring in more resources to innovate and scale. I’d be fully supportive of greater resource allocation to do this when appropriate. I believe that XD resource is required as a full time resource, if not now then soon, to help drive customer facing concerns. That could be combined with a PM / PO, separating concerns, preventing context switching and overloading, and getting the best cadence going forward.

Thanks for the commitment from the team.

Exciting times!


Awesome Initiative hariseldon2. This gives the project the push it needs to grow.

Another thing I would suggest is to give an estimate date for each Roadmap goal as it makes it more attractive for an investor. E.g.:
June 2021 - Bridge
Q2 - Avax faucet
Q2 - Staking

Also, I am invested 85% in AVAX and looking any way I can help to grow it. Is there any chance I can join the core team as a fullstack dev? It could be a part-time role (50%) aswell, e.g. Fix this bug, improve the preformance of this tool, etc?
I have a BS in Finance and for the past 4 years I have switched to become a freelance developer.
Some of my work:



Sure! I’ve done plenty in the past and would be happy to help draft something for the community to consider.

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With the list of signers, there needs to be 1 point up in terms of the signers needed or 1 person down from the pangolin team. As it is, Pangolin team can approve everything without have to get any external approval (5 approvals needed, Justin/Xavier/Benny/Brandon/Sabo).

You should reduce the number of direct Pangolin team members and increase the number of people outside. I miss at least one Avalabs member and I think Roger Lu could be another good cantidate.

I see the proposal to pass 2 millions to the multisig and a few applications to positions but no mention in any of the proposals to the salaries. It will be difficult for the community to understand what they are voting for as they don’t have the full information. The remuneration needs to be part of the onchain proposals.


I wholeheartedly agree with these suggestions