On chain proposal v1.1

On chain proposal v1.1

I just wanted to give the community an update on where we’re at with the on chain proposal. Alot stuff has to happen in the background for these things, so I just want to make sure everyone understands where we’re at.

Let’s summarise what we’ll be discussing:

  • Anon vs non anon multisig members
  • Multisig implementation details
  • Core team salaries and bounties
  • Next steps

Anon vs non anon multisig members

I’ve opened this debate and it’s been interesting to see it play out. I’m up for Pangolin Project Manager and I’ll need to make certain decisions in this role that can’t always have everyone’s agreement.

This is the first of many of these. I’m drawing a line in the sand.

If you vote for this proposal, I’ll be using my role in the community to respect anon members wishes to remain private. We will have them sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) with their real world identity. But those NDA’s will not be available outside of our legal counsel.

These are the members of the 6 of 9 multisig:

  1. Justin Trollip/Hari Seldon
  2. Xavier
  3. Seq
  4. Omer Demirel
  5. Mark — Avalaunch
  6. Benny — Pangolin
  7. Brandon /Bmino — Pangolin
  8. Sabo — Pangolin Discord moderator
  9. BestCoder/Leo — Pangolin Community Manager

Multisig implementation details

We have implemented what I’d, informally, call a community multisig implementation. Any other projects building on Avalanche can use the work we’ve done. Big thanks to Benny and Brandon for all their hard work and providing this valuable service to our ecosystem.

We used Gnosis’s code. Specifically their multisig contracts. These contracts were audited by Open Zeppelin and you can view the results here.

It’s an industry standard that is battle tested and has been in the space since 2017, with several projects (Aragon, District0x, Golem…) using it to store and handle their multimillion dollar treasury.

While many projects on Ethereum have switched to the more recent Gnosis Safe tool (https://gnosis-safe.io/), deploying a Safe on Avalanche remains unpractical at this point (due to limitations of the currently available clients). It is, however, something that the team will be working towards in the future.

Our deployment is here. Please note the code is verified on the explorer and can be compared with Gnosis code to ensure they match.

We have a website where you can view the multisig and the transactions that occur through it. Please see the below:

Multisignature Wallet
Edit description multisig.pangolin.network

When signing up you can then use this address 0xA4cB6e1971Ed8A1F76d9e8d50A5FC56DFA5cc1e6 for the Pangolin mutlisig wallet to view the details. Alternatively you can just view the transactions through the Explorer.

Contract 0xA4cB6e1971Ed8A1F76d9e8d50A5FC56DFA5cc1e6 - Avalanche Explorer
View the account balance, transactions, and other data for 0xA4cB6e1971Ed8A1F76d9e8d50A5FC56DFA5cc1e6 on the Avalanche… cchain.explorer.avax.network

Benny made slight modifications to the code to ensure it works on Avalanche’s network. You can find those changes in the below PR:

Set up the Web UI to work with Avalanche Mainnet and Fuji by benber86 · Pull Request #1 ·…
Add this suggestion to a batch that can be applied as a single commit. This suggestion is invalid because no changes… github.com

Core team salaries and bounties

This is the first order of business that the multisig will take on. This deserves a post in and of itself. So I’ll update in much more detail over the coming weeks.

Next steps

The next steps for us are to acquire the 1 million PNG required to be delegated. As soon as we’re able to get the required delegation we will push forward the on chain proposal.

I’m hoping to make an announcement for a date and time where anyone that would like to stand with us to move Pangolin forward can delegate.

Stay tuned for more information.


Thanks for your work on this, @hariseldon2.


Nice job, what’s the delegation wallet address?

We’re going to use the multisig wallet to push the proposal through, so it will be 0xA4cB6e1971Ed8A1F76d9e8d50A5FC56DFA5cc1e6

Please don’t delegate yet. We don’t want people to lose out on PNG rewards just yet. So we want to make an announcement on the date and time, so that people that delegate only have to have them locked up for the minimum time.

Because if you delegate, there’s a few lock up periods:

  • Submitted/Pending 24 hours
  • 3 day voting period starts
  • Proposal passes/fails
  • 7 day waiting period

So there’s a few implementation details we’re still working out.

We’ll have an official announcement soon for when the delegation should occur by.

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@hariseldon2 on this proposal the internal team of pangolin is still enough to approve without any external review. With the current proposal this is not a community multisig, it is a team multisig.

Please, consider remove 1 or 2 signers from the team and add 1-2 external signers so the team needs external approval