On chain proposal is live

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you to everyone in the community who was kind enough to delegate PNG to our proposal.

It’s been really humbling to see.

We have now gathered the 1 million PNG delegated to push through our on chain proposal.

This proposal is to transfer 2 million PNG to a multisig wallet. That wallet will then be used to pay the core team and contributors and start working on moving Pangolin forward.

Thanks again to everyone in our community.


I’m glad to see the community coming together for the greater good. These funds will enable Pangolin to get to the next level!

To put in perspective, the community treasury currently has 18,473,371 PNG (CommunityTreasury (0x650f5865541f6D68BdDFE977dB933C293EA72358) - Avalanche Explorer).

It means we will still have 16.47M PNG for later. That’s pretty good when you consider the current circulating supply is 21,378,683 PNG (39,852,054 if you include the treasury).

Any thoughts on what else we should do with the treasury supply?