On-Chain Proposal 1: Increase PNG Pool Rewards

so you should go staking untill swap fees are enough, value do not comes from minting tokens from thin air.

So in order to received the increased PNG rewards do we need to remove our liquidity and add to a new pool which has yet to be created? Or do we just need to remove it and add it to the same PNG based pool?

Has this gone forward? There are no further messages…

The new contracts have not been deployed yet so just leave it be for now. I don’t know when it will be deployed. Might take a while.

AFAIK Proposal 1 should be deployed after a queue of 7 days (Monday, April, 19), just as described in this thread How Governance Works … only thing i’m wondering about is that you can’t see the passed proposal anymore under the link Pangolin

7 days would be pushing it even if the proposal had already been coded into new contracts before the vote. Which would leave only a couple of days for bug hunting and security analysis.
I don’t think it’s a smart move to deploy new contracts that involve 200 million USD without extensive review.

Contracts are open sourced, so I’m sure it’s being reviewed thoroughly. 7 days is well enough for such small changes in the code IMO.

Is this working properly? I saw Avax-yfi reward 0.1398 and png-yfi reward 0.095. Should it be avax 1/3 of the png?