Nomination for a Pangolin Advisor

Hey everyone,

As part of the new Tokenomics, there is a proposal that we take 30 million PNG and put that in a Foundation to ensure Pangolin’s future. The current thoughts are that we will allocate 6 million PNG for core team members and 1 million PNG for advisors.

One of the advisors I’d like to propose is the esteemed Dr Tamer Ovutmen

Here’s a bit of background from him:

I am originally from Turkey, and living in UK for 14 years. BSc, MSc in Industrial Engineering, PhD in Operations Management. have 10+ years strategy consulting (ex-Bain, IBM, OC&C) worked mainly in Telco and Technology sectors. Currently leading the international expansion of consumer IoT products for Vodafone. Before becoming a strategy consultant, I was an entrepreneur in Turkey. I set-up my own coffee shop brand with 4 stores in Istanbul and set-up the franchising framework for Dunkin Donut’s Turkey.

Until April, I have been leading the Blockchain Practice in Enterprise Strategy team for IBM Consulting in London. I In the last 3 years, I have completed over 20 Blockchain strategy projects all around the world focussing on decentralised identity, data sharing platforms and contract management.

I have been investing in crypto since 2017 with small amounts until mid last year. I am a part-time DeFi degen mainly focussed on Avalanche projects. I aped in to every single new DEX in Avax on their day 1. Beyond Avalanche, I have exposure to Terra, ThorChain and Cosmos chains. Recently spending a lot of time on researching the protocol owned liquidity and franctional NFT.

Beyond my DeFi investments I involved with multiple Venture DAOs: 0xVentures and AVentures. I am in the research team of 0xVentures and exposed large deal flow of seed/private round projects in Dotsama, Cosmos and Etherieum L2s. In AVentures we set up a DAO with Avalanche OGs to invest/support Avelanche native/focussed projects. I am leading the biz dev and responsibe for all the admin work.

In terms of how the PNG tokens will be vested:

  • The 1 million PNG will be divided amongst all elected Advisors
  • The Advisors portion will be vested to them over 4 years in 5 separate streams
  • If an advisor leaves early, the “donated” portion of their PNG’s will be held in a performance bonus scheme that will allow the core team to vote on their contribution and be rewarded by a quadratic function, much the same way that Gitcoin works

Please let me know if you have any thoughts/concerns or comments

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Can there be an overlap between advisors and multisigners? Are the advisors the multisigners (would seem like a reasonable structure)?

In the identification/pursuit of advisors, something the core team would be responsible to source/vet to support the nomination process?

Dr Tamer Ovutmen sounds like he’d be perfect for the position.

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Dr. Tamer Ovutmen is an excellent member of the Avalanche and Pangolin communities, I endorse this proposal to bring him on as an advisor


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that makes sense.

We’d need to come up with some form of framework I’d imagine.

For me personally, it’s about value add. Within DeFi there are some advisors whose sole job is supplying a photo of themselves for the marketing website.

I’d be expecting advisors to take a much more hands on role.

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