Nft/staking and transfers

Good afternoon. I made a pretty hefty investment into this project and am very pleased. I do however have a question. The value of these nfts grow over time based off of apy. The older the better. I went and swept the floor the other night and started to invest again only to lose my stars.

My question is so many people have 5 star and 4 star nfts that are valuable because of its age but with <5 PSB. The value should be it’s age and apy growth based on duration. Someone like me comes around, sweeps the floor, buys it to add more in the staking and my duration goes to 0. I know apy is supposed to go to 0, but why is duration. I’ve lost my stars and I feel kind of tricked. Why should we even have duration if it can’t be built upon when adding more psb to the nft that was never cashed out? What is the reason to buy an nft if you can create one of more value since you’re starting at 0 anyway on duration and apy without purchasing the apy? I do not believe the market place will look good with 1000 of the oldest nfts worth less than 3 psb sitting at 300+% apy. There’s no reason to pay big money for that nft. It is going to cause clutter in the market and steer people away. Can some one please discuss this with me. I feel it will be beneficial and help me understand. Thank you!

Adding more PSB to your position should not reset your staking duration. You might have done another action by a mistake.

Or you might have perceived your staking duration getting reset. This happens if you had very little in the position initially, and you have added a lot more to your stake, then that would explain why you lost your stars. This happens because what the UI shows to you is the average. For example, let’s say you have a position with 1 PSB and a staking duration of 14 days. Then, you go ahead and add 1000 PSB to that position. In this scenario, the staking duration (hence the APR) will go down to near zero. In the background, your 1 PSB actually continues from 14 days. But the newly added 1000 PSB dominates the average, hence you might perceive it as if your position APR got reset.

For this one, you can just sort by balance or filter positions with small balances.


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