New liquidity pairs for who? for daily, monthly providers or for what?

We are providing liquidity for new pairs with high incentive reward, but before we take our impermanent loses with rewards, you are closing pairs. What do you want from liquidity providers exactly? Long term? I want to know how long new pairs will lives on Pangolin exacty at the beginning. According to this period, i can decide stake or not. I have a lot impermanent loses because of closing rewards?

Fair points. Alternatively, sharing the criteria that is used to determine whether liquidity pairs are closed.

This is good feedback. I will take this to the team.

Currently we look at a few different metrics to determine which pairs to incentivize

  • Volume of the token
  • Depth required for low slippage

We then compile all this data together and then adjust the multipliers accordingly.

We have engaged Chaos Labs and soon we’ll be providing dashboards with metrics on why decisions were made in a fully transparent manner.

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