New liquidity mining pairs

I am doing some outreach for WISE token and very interested in exploring the creation of liquidity mining pairs for WISE on the Pangolin Exchange. I will comment three relevant links on this post as I cannot link more than two times in it. WISE token is a decentralised finance protocol and cryptocurrency which is designed to be a highly secure store of value that can be easily staked to earn trustless interest. Like bonds, certificates of deposit, and time deposit bank accounts, longer and bigger stakes provide higher yields. This is our website

I think WISE pairs would be a perfect fit for rewarding growth and engagement on Pangolin, we are the fifth largest liquidity pool on Uniswap with $235,373,724 on the WISE-ETH pair and recently listed on Quickswap which is the Matic Network equivalent of Pangolin and have over 4.5 million dollars’ worth of liquidity on there in just a weeks’ time!

We have also had a WISE liquidity mining pair added on Viperswap today which is the Harmony Protocol equivalent of Pangolin you can view the announcement here

WISE is ideal for liquidity mining as it is the worlds leading decentralised staking platform with 88% of WISE tokens on the market being locked up in stakes for an average of 864 days. This means that if all non-staked WISE were to be sold the price would only fall 20%.

There is also the fact that our massive liquidity pool on Uniswap which contains over 57,000 ETH entails that WISE is backed by ETH. This means that those providing liquidity on WISE pairs have significantly less risk of impermanent loss than on existing Pangolin pairs, this presents a great opportunity for liquidity mining as we are so close to our price floor which will not be the case forever. Having experienced first-hand a large impermanent loss supplying liquidity on Pangolin (albeit with only a small amount of capital) I know how significant this is.

I propose the creation of the following pairs:




The current APY on the AVAX-ETH liquidity mining pair is 64%, I therefore propose the following breakdown for WISE liquidity mining pair rewards.

AVAX-WISE 64% APY so it is level with the most liquid AVAX pair on the exchange.

PNG-WISE 80% APY as it makes sense to further incentivise providing liquidity for Pangolin’s governance token and it carries more risk for liquidity providers.

ETH-WISE 40% APY as it is extremely low risk since when ETH goes down WISE goes down with it meaning that it largely negates impermanent loss as it stays level with it. This would likely be the most liquid pair due to this, however its safe rewards would allow for more risky liquidity providing for higher APY in the other pools with the gains.

So, to surmise the reasons why the creation of WISE liquidity pairs on Pangolin would be beneficial:

  • The vast majority of current WISE users have experience with decentralised exchanges.
  • WISE has a track record of having large liquidity pools on decentralised exchanges.
  • The closeness of WISE to its price floor reduces the risk of impermanent loss for liquidity providers significantly.
  • The creation of these pairs would lead to our current WISE users buying PNG and AVAX in order to participate in the liquidity pools.

I look forward to feedback on this proposal and hope that something can worked out!

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You can view the WISE-ETH Uniswap liquidity pair at Uniswap Info

You can view the WISE pairs on the Quickswap exchange at QuickSwap Info

You can view relevant WISE statistics at this not allowing more than two links for new users should be reconsidered hehe

Yes let’s go we need more reason to move money here!

Is there a bridge to get WISE onto Avvalanche?

What is the address of WISE on Avalanche?

WISE is built on ehtereum, so would be able to use the Ethereum bridge :slight_smile:

WISE is not on avalanche it is on Ethereum, one could bring over WISE using the Ethereum bridge

Already over 1 million in liquidity on viperswap in a day Venomswap would expect more on Pangolin, lets get it going already! :rofl:

Is it supported on the Ethereum bridge yet? They would probably have to build support just FYI

Its not but other ERC20 already are so I don’t think it would require much dev time, one would hope they would build out support for a lot more tokens than are already available as a means to better compete with other dexes, I can’t help but get an impression that pangolin devs are not that active though? .

You could request AnySwap to support it? There fees are significantly less than AEB.

You can apply here Anyswap&Multichain Bridge Listing

If WISE get’s support on Avalanche, we’d be happy to look at listing on Pangolin