Need AVAX to swap tokens


I have a couple questions on using Pangolin:

  1. It appears that I MUST have AVAX in order to pay for any transaction fees. Is that right?

  2. I have tried to purchase 1 AVAX token using the Wyre interface…but my credit card is not processing. I have purchased a few AVAX tokens on Voyager but I can’t move those tokens. I have used the AVAX Bridge…I have WETH.e tokens on the C-Chain. Now, I want to “swap” those WETH.e tokens for AVAX. Where can I get 1 AVAX token so I scan start swapping???

Yes, you need AVAX for youre fees.
I guess you would have to deposit funds to Binance or any other CEX that suports the C-Chain, and then send to youre MM wallet.

Yeah…I figured it out…I can’t use a CC I have to use my Debit to seed this …ahhh…