Multi-sig Update #3

What is the Multi-sig wallet used for?
The multi-sig wallet is used for paying team salaries, paying project expenses, and making on-chain proposals. Multi-sig signers need to stay informed about Pangolin’s governance, payment, and development process

What changes are being made?

  1. We are swapping out Seq for Sarp Tomruk as one of the signers of our 6 of 9 Pangolin multi-sig wallet. Seq has resigned from signer duties, so we remove Seq as a signer and add Sarp - who is the founder of the project. Thank you Seq for everything you have done for Pangolin!
  2. We are splitting the PNG in the multisig into two multisig wallets with the same signers so that we can submit concurrent on-chain proposals

Why is Sarp a good choice as a signer?
Sarp founded the project and has been providing great support for all projects and users in the Avalanche ecosystem. He is a great addition to the multisig and very in tune with what is happening in Avalanche DeFI.

More about Sarp:

The updated signer list will have the following 9 signers

  1. Justin (Hari Seldon) — Pangolin Project Manager
  2. Omer Demirel - Avalanche Community Member & Advisor
  3. Mark — Avalaunch Project Director
  4. Benny — Pangolin Developer
  5. Brandon/Bmino— Pangolin Lead Developer
  6. Leo - Pangolin Community Manager
  7. JD Gagnon - BenQi Project Founder
  8. Jomari Peterson - Snowball Core Team
  9. Sarp Tomruk - Founder

Why is splitting the multisig into two wallets a good idea?
We need to submit two on-chain proposals concurrently and each on-chain proposal requires 1M PNG to propose. By splitting our wallet into two wallets, this will allow us to submit two proposals at once to expedite the governance process.

Please post any questions or concerns below.

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