Multi-sig Signer Update

What is the Multi-sig wallet used for?
The multi-sig wallet is used for paying team salaries, paying project expenses, and making on-chain proposals.

What are the duties of a multi-sig signer?
Multi-sig signers need to stay informed about Pangolin’s governance, payment, and development process. They should provide input on the actions that they think are valuable to Pangolin, and also call out actions they think will not benefit Pangolin. Signers will approve the on-chain actions that the wallet makes, including payments and proposals. 6 out of 9 approvals are needed to execute any actions.

What change is being made?
We are swapping out Xavier for JD Gagnon as one of the signers of our 6 of 9 Pangolin multi-sig wallet. Xavier has asked to step down from signer duties, so we remove Xavier as a signer and add JD Gagnon - who is one of the founders of the BenQi project.

Why is JD Gagnon a good choice as a signer?
As a founder of the BenQi project, JD brings a wealth of experience in DeFi and building on Avalanche. BenQi is also a project that will work closely with Pangolin as a lending and borrowing solution. As such, JD will have good insight into the needs of Pangolin, as well as be able to provide a balanced outside perspective. JD is also non-anonymous, which is an important trait that our community has voiced in the past.

More about JD

The updated signer list will have the following 9 signers
Justin (Hari Seldon) — Pangolin Project Manager
Seq - Avalanche Community Member
Omer Demirel - Avalanche Community Member & Advisor
Mark — Avalaunch Project Director
Benny — Pangolin Community Developer
Brandon/Bmino— Pangolin Lead Developer
Sabo — Pangolin European Expansion Manager
Leo - Pangolin Community Manager
JD Gagnon - BenQi Project Founder < New

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