Multi-sig Signer Update #2

What is the Multi-sig wallet used for?
The multi-sig wallet is used for paying team salaries, paying project expenses, and making on-chain proposals. Multi-sig signers need to stay informed about Pangolin’s governance, payment, and development process

What change is being made?
We are swapping out Sabo for Jomari Peterson as one of the signers of our 6 of 9 Pangolin multi-sig wallet. Sabo has resigned from signer duties, so we remove Sabo as a signer and add Jomari - who is one of the core team members of the Snowball project.

Why is Jomari a good choice as a signer?
Jomari is a blockchain software architect and has been in the crypto space for many years. He has recently been involved with Snowball and Avalanche since the inception of the Snowball project early this year. Jomari has prior experience implementing on-chain governance and using a multi-signature wallet systems. As such, Jomari has good insight into the decentralized nature of projects like Pangolin and will be able to contribute effectively as a signer on the Pangolin multi-sig wallet.

More about Jomari:

The updated signer list will have the following 9 signers

  1. Justin (Hari Seldon) — Pangolin Project Manager
  2. Seq - Avalanche Community Member
  3. Omer Demirel - Avalanche Community Member & Advisor
  4. Mark — Avalaunch Project Director
  5. Benny — Pangolin Developer
  6. Brandon/Bmino— Pangolin Lead Developer
  7. Leo - Pangolin Community Manager
  8. JD Gagnon - BenQi Project Founder
  9. Jomari Peterson - Snowball Core Team < New

Please post any questions or concerns below.


It is an absolute pleasure to join the multi-sig. I am happy to answer any question and provide insight into who I am.

I am very excited about the future of Pangolin. It is an honor to be a part of it.