More transparency on what's coming for Pangolin

It’s been great that the people behind the Pangolin listened to the community for the airdrop.

However, we’re completely blind on the timeline of the next moves.

  • I know pushing governance out was said, but is there any timeline for this?
  • Do developers have time to focus on building the governance feature? I’ve lurked the Pangolin GitHub activity, but not much is going on.
  • Is anything else will happen before governance?

In other words, is that possible to be more transparent about what’s coming next?

Thank you


Agree. I want to more info too see our future…

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I’ve done some help there, but I’m also kinda lost on what’s the roadmap, meanwhile I’m pushing some changes that I think are improvements to the overall functionality, like the “Current reward” field, and the sorting of the cards, giving priority to staked pools etc.


Hey everyone,

Some of the community developers have started an independent Pangolin community Github repository. Pangolin Community · GitHub

The current plan is that all code will get committed in those repositories and then when they’re ready for prime time they’ll be pushed into the main Pangolin repositories.

There’s no real roadmap at this stage, although we’re discussing what features to build. If you have any ideas on what you’d like to build I’d encourage you to visit the Discord channel and come hang out with us :slight_smile:


Hey hariseldon2,

Why keep it in a separated fork? Can you loop me into this discussions? where can I participate?

The only reason we’ve done this is because none of the community developers have access to the main Pangolin organisation on GitHub.

So we thought it would be easier to do it this way.

You plan is that all code will then be submitted in the pangolin community org and then eventually merged with the pangolin org code.

If you want to contribute just submit a PR


but anyone could just fork themselves and submit a PR to the main pangolin repos… I’ve done it myself twice, I still don’t follow the idea

Yup you’re correct. It was to allow the community developers to be able to work on larger pieces that might need coordination and allow us more flexibility

I see, that can be useful if there’s a coordination for sure, like a long lived feature branch

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