Minting one time NFT memorial edition to airdrop for marketing

Pangolin is the first and must be stay the best
As Avalanche is getting more traction each day .the market is heating up and new competitors are getting born everyday.
but not everybody is aware of Pangolin . NFT market is also the trend, so the proposal is making awareness among new comers to avalanche Ecosystem about Pangolin .

Minting NFT is very cheap on avalanche.
the proposal consist
1: making a contest of designing NFT art . the prize pool is paid in PNG.
2: the NFT will be minted and airdroped to : Long term holders or for each X amount of $PNG
3: later on we can make some multipllier of APY for those NFTs holder. lets say 1.3X in all LP pool
this way the NFTs will have real usage and encourage holding them .

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I like the NFT idea, NFTs are great. Should we be targeting new users instead of existing holders if this is a marketing event though?

yes, but to avoid Whale manipulation and NFT hunters we should put some Holding Time.

An announced Airdrop is great to bring new users, but it is essential to encourage them to hold the $PNG not sell it after a snapshot.
So this is a marketing event and also encouragement to HODL.

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Let me clarify about the part 2(airdroping to longterm holders)
imagin we announce an snapshot, who ever have $PNG from that date for X Days will have 1 NFT.
example : from 10 may to 30 sep 2021 for each $PNG users get a point. later on the corresponding NFT will be airdroped to him.
the NFT it self is also is encouraged to be hold. by giving the user better APY or voting weight multiplier .

There could be a series of snapshots e.g. 6 snapshots over 3 months at random times and the average PNG calculated over those snapshots gives you eligibility to receive the NFT.

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@davidanderson1362 thank it’s good idea to use NFT !

With NFT for the pleasure of actual community and of course in same time catch new users who love NFT! :art:
The idea of concour with prices for artist is cool to got beautiful NFT (real art not only shit JPEG…). Is good time also for artist to discover the process to mint NFT on avalanche.

To distribute NFT the idea of different snapshot in few time is good. We can send different type of NFT if the adress hold little bag or big bag of PNG. Special NFT for 10PNG, 100PNG, 1000PNG 1M PNG…

Marketing team of Pangolin, you are here? :sunglasses:

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Good idea! I like that tiered approach