Lost coins on pangolin.exchange

Spent the day trying to get my airdrop by trading AVAX for UNI on ledger via metamask. Then


Spent 2.6 AVAX to buy 2.0 Uni, which have not appeared. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

the UNI is in your account, you can see here: 0xDAbfa73Cf52cFDe76E228F82aD3347Bf6a37fFdb - Avalanche Explorer

you probably need to add the token in metamask. the UNI contract address is 0xf39f9671906d8630812f9d9863bBEf5D523c84Ab

I had added UNI twice, using the coingecko address

Their address is different. Can you explain? Using the address you kindly supplied, the UNI now show up in my account. Thank you.