Liquidity seems to have dissapeared

i had liquidity in a axax ping pool and no it seems to have disapeared but its showing up on si its still there somewhere ,can anyone tell me where it could be:)

I think I’m having the same issue, see my topic and see if it’s similar: Glitch in "Pangolin Analytics"?

Ok, so it’s undergoing upgrades due to new Avalanche Bridge update…makes sense.

Same. This had me worried for a sec. Any updates?

Does anyone know a way to see what current liquidity is at while they do maintenance…AVAX and PNG are shooting through the roof and I’d like to see where my current investment is at…or if I need to lock in profits. Kind of unfortunate that this update had to happen as the market is booming.

Still can’t see liquidity positions?

Not yet, there is still maintenance going on…Just check your LP positions in the “PNG” tab…my pool tokens have been put in and been pulled out of the pools a few times…I’m assuming it’s from these upgrades.