Liquidity Migration Avax Eth to Avax Weth Help


Prior having a Avax Eth liqudity, which ended in 19.04.2021. I made the migration via Pangolin instructions to weth avax then the total value shown on liqudity pool decreased drastically.

Value shown now is much lesser compared with if i have eth and avax seperately also.

I dont understand if it is wrong at the first time. Or maybe i did a mistake.

Any idea?


Are you using ETH.e?

It was Avax eth bridged to Weth.e-Avax

14 Eyl 2021 Sal 02:58 tarihinde hariseldon2 via Pangolin Governance <> şunu yazdı:

Mmmm, not sure. If you are referring to the Pools, then the PNG rewards are based on TVL and fluctuate

I am referring not the pgns. But the number of avax i put in the lp are decreased quite a bit. Eth is like the same.

Numbers are decreased when i made the liquidity migration, instructed by Pangolin exchange from avax eth to avax weth.e

14 Eyl 2021 Sal 03:35 tarihinde hariseldon2 via Pangolin Governance <> şunu yazdı:

Hard to comment. May have been Impermanent Loss. Both figures shouldn’t have decreased though.

Could you try to track youre wallet on to see if youre remaining value is shown.

You could try to add the WAVAX to youre MM wallet. And see if you got som WAVAX back after the migration.

WAVAX contract address:

I had a guy that had a similar problem last week, and this was the solution then if i understand the promblem correct.


i found my lost Wavax in metamask

Thank you for help, i really appreciate it. It was a little schock for me. I did not check here all the time. This was kinda my long term investment. Luckily it was found, i was afraid of impermeant loss due to volatility at first.

Best regards


You are great to help solve the problem

But thats good, i’m glad we found out.
And i am just happy to help:)