Let's introduce Pangolin to new cultures!

Hi everyone!
I thought about posting this on improvements but then I decided I could go with uncategorized. This is Ege, I am a young translator/designer from Turkey. I thought we could gather as multilingual team members and explain all the concepts in other languages. We can create pages, whitepapers, and so on to inform people from other countries since they’re all going to be interested in Pangolin in a few months. For instance, there is a growing interest in my country for dex and cex. However, most investors don’t know enough English to understand the concepts better. Would you be interested in a team of translators? I’d like to initiate this. Anyone interested?

Thanks for your time!


Hi Ege, nice to meet you here. I am looking forward to your participation. Do you put your readiness and help on a voluntary basis or do you want a paid role? I could not quite understand that. I live in Germany with Turkish roots, and I know the situation very well in Turkey because I’m in contact with many consultants from larger companies [e.g. KPMG / E & J / or SAP [not yet in crypto]] But the interest is huge, more than in Germany. I could lead this squad and support you if you need help anyways, just let me know.

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Welcome and thank you for your interest!
It would be very interesting to propose a remuneration to youtubers from many countries so that they can explain the advantages of our DEX.

Interesting to deploy at the same time as the arrival on big CEX for big network effect.

Hi dear Sabo, thank you for the reply and support. I am enthusiastic about this and I’d love to work on a voluntary basis. However, I’m unemployed at the moment (working as a freelancer), and earning an income would be my priority. If we’ll be doing this as professionals then I’ll be able to spare more and more time into this. If not, I’ll be sparing less time but it’ll also be okay.

I am more than interested if we can do this professionally, I’ve been also preparing and sharing some videos about Metamask/Avax wallet and so on. Planning on explaining what I know and will learn about DEX on Youtube and other platforms as well since I love sharing. Also, there are some friendly groups we’ve gathered and we’ve been sharing information about Pangolin/Avax and updates. I’ll be sharing whatever I learn for sure, I’d just love it if we could collaborate at some point. Looking forward to your answer and thoughts about this.

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Hi dear AvaxGod, thank you for your reply! Since I’ve always been interested in video editing and I love to share, I’m preparing some videos on my own as well. Currently editing another video on Avalanche wallet in Turkish and I guess it’ll be ready tomorrow. It’s nice to share what you know and since people need resources to be able to understand the platforms, I think it’s a good idea! More people talking about it means more people learning about it and using it.

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