Let people hold png

why avax-png(87%) APR is low than AVAX-WETH.e(151%) and AVAX-USDT.e(355%).
so why people will hold png?

1.i think we can use png pay the gas fee,only 50% of avax fee;
2.make sure png pair mining weight is right,i think now is wrong;

if we do nothing ,png price will go zero.

All of these pairs have a 10x multiplier on PNG rewards. The UI is currently showing combined APR of Swap Fees + PNG rewards. Some of pairs have very high volume (ex: AVAX-USDT.e) and are earning 200%+ additional APR from swap fees

Leo, do you how the typical Pangolin user can view how many PNG tokens they can earn with their initial investment without pairing tokens together (PGL) and adding liquidity to the pools?

You can do some calculations on markr.io. I don’t think it tells you the exact PNG but it can tell you the USD value

i think not a suitable update,mislead people,you can see the market,they are leaving png mining and keep selling.the worest thing is avax-png pair APR only 1/4 of avax-usdt,and we have png need undertake the risk of all marketing swap for avax,so why peope keep png?

We’ll be updating our UI soon with a breakdown of where the APRs come from

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I seen a small update come thorugh but daaang I’m not even close to obtaining this kind of APR…Can someone really investigate the APR% and ensure the calcs are correct. For this pair, I was a tiny fraction of this projected APR:

Can you come to discord for help

dex kendi jetonun değersizleştiriyor ve ayrıca havuz ödülleri çok çabuk değişiyor
bu çok iyi birşey değil ciddiyetten çok uzak bugün % 500 ise yarın % 50 oluyor
bu oranları topluluk mu belirliyor