Less APR for PNG-WAVAX pool after migration?

Hello All,

I saw that farmers will be rewarded with more PNG to mitigate the effect of migration, however, after migration I see that APR dropped and I am seeing less PNG / WEEK than what I was getting in farms 1. Can someone please explain?

This is what I saw under vote tab:

  • The system powering farming rewards will require one final migration and will receive boosted rewards for the first 30 days to compensate farmers for the transition.

  • We will transfer 2M PNG from CommunityTreasury to MiniChefV2 boosting the first 30 days of the new rewards system.

As it was on V1 the AVAX/PNG pool took up about 40% of all our emissions, and that was not sustainebl if we want to keep up with other DEX’s. Since we are trying to improve and attract more liquidity and TVL, we needed to prioretise other key pools to be more attractive. Unfortuanly the AVAX/PNG pool needed to be adjusted a bit to make this happen.

The PNG/AVAX and PNG/USDT.e pools are still the two pools that get the most PNG emittet!

Singel sided Staking with Stake PNG,earn PNG will go live after WAVAX rewards ends at Dec 9th. We also just went live with bonding at Olympius Pro, where you can use youre PNG/AVAX PGL tokens. And hopefully we can soon use PNG as colateral with lending protols like BenQi and AAVE.

So we are trying to make more options and use cases for the PNG token and it’s holders, than to just have the PNG/AVAX pool as an option.