Lambo giveaway to get more outside Liquidity

I just discovered Collin cusce and watched a few of his past streams. In one of his streams, he mentioned that he find’s most marketing boring and that he is a fan of crazy marketing strategies, like a Lambo giveaway. Well I couldn’t agree more. I myself ignore most standard crypto marketing (smal airdrops, influencers, 100$ giveaways)(everyone does that and I find it boring). Fact is avalanche ecosystem needs more outside liquidity (don’t see only a new bridge being enough). So my proposal is to give away a Lambo. Something like bridge at least 2 Eth and provide liquidity on Pangolin for 30 days to be eligible. The giveaway winner will receive an Nft which he can trade in for an actual Lambo.

Pros I can think of

  • Never been done before and could lead to a massive growth in liquidity. At the very least it should get people talking
  • To get the cost down deposit the usd value into Benqi until someone claims it (there is a chance it will never be claimed)

Cons I can think of

  • we don’t get enough out of it and spend Lambo money unnecessarily
  • Maybe it scares away “serious” investors, because they think Pangolin missmanages funds

I am obviously very biased so I can’t have an objective few on this idea. Also don’t know if this is even possible/legal



I think this is more of a scam move than a sensational one… I mean it for Lambo only…
But similar lottery or giveaway can be done rewarding the new users… Not only one person to be rewarded but more people with smaller budget is better imo. I agree it shall not be 50/100$ value, it should be smt. which will have people’s attention.
Also not only using the bridge is enough, there should be multiple tasks each one showing the pros of Avalanche network and the Pangolin dex. People should be happy to experience this even if they are not lucky to be rewarded in the end.

Thanks anyway for this subject, I agree we have to take attention of people to experience Avalanche network and love it :heart_eyes:

Instead of 1 lambo, 3 tesla give away. It would get Elon’s attention too.
Of course this won’t happen unless a whale volunteers to fund it. Absolutely no to using the treasury for it.

I actually like the idea of branding Pangolin as green and something that can “bridge” to the real world and potentially catch the attention of people outside of the crypto echo chamber. That is a very long term play for growth, but something like giving away a Tesla (gets people excited), but also sponsoring a renewable local project of some kind, perhaps across the street from a Tesla property in Texas, that would (1) make the world even slightly a little better, (2) would get mainstream news coverage, (3) would challenge the mainstream narrative of crypto some people press of crypto destroying the planet (admittedly, this would in part be by scapegoating elon/btc and (4) hopefully would attract growth/users from outside of crypto. Bringing ethereum degens over is obviously big growth potential, but there’s a lot more to mine in the rest of the world.

While I am intrigued by thinking along these lines, it would be critical for the UIs etc to get more mature first so we can offer a more seamless introduction to people getting crypto baptized for the first time.

I love Pangolin because the community is very focused on substance and the longer term. While much would need to be done first, if anyone else in the community is interested in sort of more hybrid/normie/social good/community oriiented stuff I would love to help us get there.

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