Is there a way to reduce the number of required transactions?

I am writing from the perspective of a new user. My typical use case once I have managed to transfer Avax to my Metamask wallet is to first swap some amount into another coin, deposit it into a liquidity pool and then deposit the PGL into a PNG pool. It seems to me that each of those steps requires about two transactions on my Metamask wallet, with associated costs. The process for reinvesting is similar, with the additional cost incurred for claiming PNG. I tried to track the costs on my metamask wallet and it looks like a single chain of such transactions can cost around 0.2 Avax. For a small retail investor, this is a non-negligible cost and significantly reduces your ability to reinvest and gain compound interest.

I am writing to ask whether there would be a way to reduce the turnaround cost by bundling transactions together like:

  • [Deposit Liquidity + Deposit PGL]
  • [Exchange Avax into XYZ + Deposit resulting XYZ plus Avax (check there is sufficient balance) Liquidity + Deposit PGL]
  • [Claim PNG + Deposit Liquidity (Check there is sufficient balance of pair currency) + Deposit PGL]
  • [Claim PNG + Exchange 50% into Pair Currency + Deposit Liquidity + Deposit PGL]

I know it might be difficult from a technical perspective, but I think it would improve user experience and achievable APY substantially, especially for new and small liquidity providers.

Edit: to be clear: my suggestion is not to replace the exisiting transactions, but to add further options. If someone wants to deposit into a liquidity pool and keep their PGL that should of course still be possible.

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