Is it over for Pangolin?

Volume dropped 5x compared to May. Non PNG liquidity pairs have low gains now that PNG rewards have dropped. 10% total yearly returns isn’t really worth the risk when you also include impermanent loss and potential hacks. I just can’t see liquidity providers sticking around for long.

Our liquidity in terms of AVAX is still near its highs. Volume for the past two months is down across the industry due to recent market conditions. Check out the volumes of UniSwap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, and you’l see similar patterns.

Also lending with BenQi is coming soon, and we also have the new Avalanche Bridge live.

As for Pangolin itself, we have staking, tokenomics improvements, market makers, emissions improvements, and a UX redesign all on the horizon.

In summary: its exciting times for Pangolin and Avalanche DeFi :slight_smile:


BenQI looks pretty cool, might attract new users especially since DEX financing will probably be really really big in the future. Another thought; If/Once coinbase lists AVAX…we’ll have a lot more people and money flowing into the ecosystem which would be good for pangolin and other alts…

I’m still a bit bummed about the AB…the fees still seem very high BUT it is a quick method for transferring funds from networks…just doesn’t make sense to transfer a few hundred bucks if the fees are +/- 50 bucks.

Yeah AB is way too costly.The good old route of buying AVAX on exchange and transferring to metamask costed me a dollar maximum

Impermanent loss is not a real thing.

I can assure you impermanent loss is real. It’s due to rebalancing when price proportion in the pair changes.

It is indeed real but you only suffer the loss if you withdraw.

Just have to get it off my chest, but Pangolin have a weirdly aggressive competitor in TraderJoe…almost as thought they were wronged/attacked somehow, for example, that Pangolin vampired their liquidity.