I guess i accidently sent avax to one of pangolin C address

When I went backwards in metamask transactions, I saw 2 different addresses. When I looked after the transaction, I noticed that my address for my Avax wallet is different from these two addresses. I was sending from Binance to avax wallet and then to metamask address. I was converting pngs to avax which i earned by LP and i figure out that the address which i sent avax can be one of these address. Is there any probobility of retrieving my AVAX?

I don’t know if your avax can be retrieved but it will probably be helpful to post the actual transaction here using the cchain explorer.

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There is no way to cancel a transaction that happened. I have a information that avax wallet changes wallet address after every transaction. Another possibility is that a virus copied its address to your metamask instead of yours. You have to be careful and have to check the address that you copied is your address EVERYTIME. I feel sad for you.

Thanks for your kinde answer.

Can someone send my avax to my address? Maybe avax admins or avax authorized persons.

Sorry for late answer but i don’ t think any admin can help you about that. You can ask Kevin Sekniqi at twitter one of the developers of avalanche.