Husky - Community Introduction to Pangolin

The HUSKY team would like to introduce to the Pangolin community our new project, HUSKY.

HUSKY is a brand-new token on the Avalanche network that launched on May 12th, 2021, and has quickly gathered steam as a fully community-driven token, bringing newcomers into the Avalanche ecosystem. HUSKY is designed to have locked liquidity, a hard-capped supply, and no allocation for the dev team. It was originally launched by an anonymous dev who locked the entire supply in the Pangolin liquidity pool. Since then, a grassroots community has sprung up in support of the project. The current dev team are driving HUSKY forward not solely for profit, but to expand upon the possibilities of what a ‘memecoin’ can provide to the Avalanche ecosystem of DeFi products.

HUSKY’s popularity in only its first six days of existence is proof that it is quickly becoming one of Avalanche’s strongest new assets. It has made appearances on the top-10 list of traded pairs for 24-hour volume on Pangolin and the amount of unique holders is increasing every day. At the time of this posting, the HUSKY Telegram has over 580 members and the official HUSKY Twitter has over 660 followers, including musicians Sneazzy and RiFF RAFF, who have a combined 1.1 million followers. The Discord channel is constantly active and working on new ways to contribute to the community, producing infographics and informative videos for those new to cryptocurrency and those seeking to learn more about HUSKY, Pangolin, and the Avalanche network. This strong community involvement and growing social media presence points towards HUSKY having a potentially incredible summer.

The HUSKY community is committed to educating its members about the nuances of cryptocurrency trading. Many active community members are well-versed on the technical details of the Avalanche network, and are happy to educate any newcomer. The HUSKY community believes in the potential of the Avalanche network as an energy efficient and low-cost platform for new and exciting DeFi products. HUSKY has become uniquely positioned as a stepping stone to those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency to learn more about the Avalanche network and all of the potential benefits it presents.

Looking forward, there are many exciting aspects of HUSKY that are in the works, one of which will be the release of a BSC Bridge for HUSKY. Being available on BSC will present an opportunity to increase HUSKY’s value; value that will be reflected on the Avalanche network. Also on the roadmap is the creation of a line of apparel, where every item will be sold paired with it’s own unique NFT. Further down the road will be the creation of musical NFTs to be bought and traded with HUSKY.

Our primary purpose of this introduction is to gain feedback from the Pangolin community on ways to improve our project, with the ultimate goal of eventually adding HUSKY to the PNG Rewards Program. HUSKY will need a strong pool of liquidity providers in the future in order to bolster growth, and we believe that the PNG Rewards Program will help us achieve our goals. So far, a community driven effort has been successful in encouraging HUSKY holders to provide liquidity, educating them on the potential risks and benefits of doing so. As a result, the value of the token has been steadily increasing over the last few days, correcting itself after all major price fluctuations.

We want to grow and evolve HUSKY into more than just a ‘memecoin,’ and we value any feedback provided by the Pangolin community. We want to see HUSKY, Pangolin, and the Avalanche network continue to thrive, and look forward to helping in any way we can.

Thank you for your time and consideration; we’re looking forward to hearing from you!!
Telegram: Contact @HuskyAvalanche


Looking forward to a bright future!

Thanks, another useless sh*tty meme coin. That’s exacly what we were waiting in Avalanche ecosystem.

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Thanks, now TraderJoe stole all Husky volume and liquidity. Exactly what we were waiting from Pangolin. Better give rewards to bridged Dogecoin, right?