How to prevent Fraud

I would like to know how Pangolin plans to address the vulnerabilities in it system. When I went to un-stake my PNG, the amount deposited into a wallet which did not belong to me and I can no longer retrieve my PNG. It is permanently lost. When I have tried reaching out to Pangolin, no one will respond. I would like to know what is being done to prevent this from happening. I lost over 2,000 PNG thanks to the inability for PNG to properly transmit my transaction. At the very least people should be able to dispute these transactions when they happen. It is ridiculous there is no stop gap. I hate to say it, but when exchanges operate in this way it makes regulation seem appropriate.

You are assuming that Pangolin has an exploit in its code. This is the first of heard of such a thing occuring. Are you sure your wallet has not been hacked?

I would encourage you to join the telegram and come speak to the team there.

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Although PNG isn’t as decentralized as dex.
No one will want it to be centralized enough to meet your demands.
Let’s send you Cex.

ı want to ask you something. new here by the way. ı staked png to earn orbs. when ı wanted to claim orbs it did not seem on my wallet. could you help me out?