How to depair my LP tokens?

Can someone tell me how to recuperate my plain tokens from my PGLs? Regards

If you have PGL tokens and haven’t assigned them to a pool yet, then just go to the “Pool” tab and import the tokens you combined for PGL tokens. The list should pop up and you should be able to “remove” them to acquire your original tokens:

thx for answear, but i still can’t see them (even when trying to import it by selecting the two tokens in question (PNG VSO in this case)). they are visible on snowball but not png… what shall i do? regards

actualy i can also see them on my metamask… no idear what to do here :confused:

well it’s ok now, i found the hiden page on snowball website where i can grab back my “normal” LP tokens (PGL and not sPGL) no more troubles here :slight_smile: and thanks for support

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hello. I have got the same problem.
The PGLs are on Metamask but I can not recuperate the tokens (AVAX/PEFI in this case)
The pool is not available even trying with “Import it”
Help please.

Hey! Do you have youre PGL tokens staked elsware? YY, snowball, penguin? If so, you need to unstake them on that platform first, and then you can import youre token on Pangolin- «pool»

I found it
Thank you

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NP, Happy to help :+1:t3: