How important is UI design?

What UI features have the most impact on users’ decisions. Disregard all technical variables. Specifically, what features increase the probability of a user spending money? Just out of interest. Do all DEFI users make informed, rational, objective decisions? Do certain stimuli increase positive emotion, in consequence increasing the probability of the user investing money?

Interested to hear your thoughts on this?

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I’ve been discussing this with my old supervisor. It’s an interesting subject. I’ve conducted past research on substance use and gambling addiction. I would like to know what community means? From both a user’s perspective and a developer’s perspective. Please, if you respond state which one. Also, what do the users aim to achieve and what does the team aim to achieve. Nothing serious say anything.

Just open questions, I don’t think anyone discusses this. It could improve the experience for everyone.

I am also asking myself these questions. As it appears the dynamic between protocol and user is often volatile. I’m just trying to understand why?

Telegram is a wild place it is super interesting

Thanks guys!!