How do you sell pangolin tokens and realize the value

Hi, fairly new to crypto. I did buy pangolin but it’s dropped to 40% of value. I’m trying to find out how to sell and realize the value. I’ve tried swapping to ether within metamask but can’t find a way to transfer this out - excepting a very expensive route I’ve already forgotten. Any ideas as it seems I’m trapped in.
With Thanks

As far as I know the only way out is to swap your PNG for AVAX and then convert the AVAX from C-Chain to X-Chain using the AVAX web wallet, When the AVAX is on X-chain you can send it to an exchange like Binance.

Thanks Bobby,
This world has a bit of work to do to become mainstream. How on earth did you work that out?

I figured it out by doing it in reverse. I bought AVAX on Binance and then had to figure out how to get them on Pangolin.
Whatever you do, always do a small test transfer first, and complete the entire route to make sure it all works.

Great…thanks for your help.

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Hi again Bobby…I’ve spent some time on this trying to do as you say but stuck again. I’ve swapped the pangolin for avax on pangolin and these show up on the avalanche network part of metamask. When I open the avalanche wallet at they don’t show. That’s where I’m stuck…do I have to send them from metamask to avalanche and then change them to the x-chain and then send them out to an exchange. If so, how? I’ve tried sending them directly from avalanche on metamask to an exchange but it says ‘network does not support ens’.
Thanks for any help you or others can give. This definitely drives me back towards exchanges. I got too adventurous but didn’t draw a map as I went!

Yes, it is a different wallet so you’ll have to send from the Pangolin metamask wallet to the AVAX wallet and then convert from C to X chain and then send on to Binance. That is what I have done.
There may be a way to use the same private key (or hardware wallet) as your metamask but I haven’t tried that.
!! Make sure to store the mnemonic keys of the avax web wallet.

Got it done. Thanks for the help.