How do we defend PNG value

Hi, now that the 4 year emission timeline is decided, I hope we can discuss about how we can help grow PNG.

Before I start, I am in favor of keeping 6m of the 30m PNG for the team. Fwiw, it’s a fair value.

The big challenge is the emission rate as reward for the main pairs, how do we prevent the whales from dumping? And judging from the size it will be quite an uphill task to buyback, even if I know some whales are Avalanche team and they are friendly whales but even if 10% decides to dump it will have horrendous effects.

We will need to work with new teams (such as Baklava, defrost etc) to lock rewards PNG so as to extend the runway. The team need to be proactive in working with teams that can help match high png tvl.



Any thoughts on this?